Interpreter Bargaining Update 4/20/16

INT BT 17-19 33016AX copyProfessional pay and professional respect come when we complete professional training and professionally perform our jobs daily. That was the main topic our interpreter bargaining team discussed extensively today. Unanimously, our team agreed that the more we require of ourselves in training on matters such as ethics, and the more basic training required to enter the interpreter field, the more this will help us raise our profession! Doing this successfully will help us raise the standards to keep competent interpreters working and prevent our profession from being flooded.
We want to hear from Interpreter members on this issue and others! Please help us by completing our member-only bargaining survey!
During bargaining today, we reached agreement on two articles: Union Recognition and Non-Discrimination. The new tentative agreements add new rights to posting our union contract on the State’s website and on the CTS portal page so that more interpreters are aware of our rights. We added protection against discrimination for gender identity and and gender expression. We also had extensive discussions about Documentation and what’s needed for us to get paid for the services we provide. Although we’re still far apart on a number of issues, such as what happens when the receptionist won’t put in a check-out time, we’re having productive conversations with DSHS and HCA about what our concerns are. We look forward to bargaining again with the State on May 12.
Here’s how else you can help build our movement:
1.) Join us at your quarterly Local meeting from 12 – 2 pm on May 14 in Yakima. Email with your full name and your DSHS Certificate number to let us know you’re coming!
2.) Sign up for text alerts by texting “L1671” in a message to 69866. Data and message rates may apply.
3.) Tell the Legislature to #ChangeTheLaw to protect your privacy and prevent them from giving away your private info: We’re also proposing new union contract language to protect our privacy, but it’s critical the State see how important this is to us.
In Solidarity,
2017-2019 Interpreter Bargaining Team
Larysa House (Russian, Spokane)
Cora Leigh (Spanish, Snohomish)
Anastacio Lepe (Spanish, Yakima)
Leroy Mould (Spanish, Thurston)
Ferdi Nadir (Turkish/French, King)
Gabriel Oseguera (Spanish, King)
Lobe Onkiso (Amharic, King)
Samuel Potts (Spanish, Pierce)
Aida Sanchez-Vela (Spanish, King)
Quan Tran (Vietnamese, Clark)