Interpreters Bargaining Update

Do you have a job, or jobs, in your portal with missing start and/or end times because the provider didn’t check you in or out? It’s time to say NO to endless payment delays because providers aren’t documenting as they should be!

  • Contact us RIGHT NOW if you have any jobs in the portal with missing start or end times, whether you’ve disputed them or not.

During recent negotiations, our Bargaining Team proposed solving this problem in our new union contract. The State’s response? They claim this isn’t a big issue and only affects a few jobs.

Say what?!

Contact us so we can work together to file grievances with the State to get your jobs with missing times resolved. This will also help our Bargaining Team show the State once and for all that this is a real and ongoing problem that needs to be addressed in our new contract! We do not have to wait for CTS to respond to your dispute to start the grievance process!

Our contract says:

“The authorized requester, interpreter and the coordinating entity will be required to complete the appointment work order form.”

If requestors (providers) are not checking you in and out, then we need to enforce our rights!

Contact WFSE/AFSCME staff Stacey Romero at about your missing start or end times. She’ll get you in touch with a Union Steward who will work with you to file a grievance.

Only by speaking out when we are being wronged can we make things right. Stand up for your rights – no more pay delays due to providers’ lack of documentation! Contact us now about missing start and/or end times!

In solidarity,

Your 2015-2017 WFSE/AFSCME Council 28 Interpreter Bargaining Team

Ruth Medina
Leroy Mould
Samuel Potts
Paul Natkin
Milena Calderari-Waldron
Karen Castle
Jaime Alarcon
Eugenio Vidrio
Larysa House
Johnny Voogt
Ferdi Nadir
WFSE Staff Sarah Clifthorne and Lewis Woods


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