Interpreters United bargaining update 4/8/14

Dear Local 1671 Member,

We’re already winning with your help! Our elected Interpreter Bargaining Team has now met twice with the State’s Bargaining Team to bargain over our 2015-2017 union contract.

Both sides have now shared our initial proposals for how to modify our union contract. And at our second meeting we actually signed off on two tentative agreements regarding a clearer grievance procedure (Article 7) and stronger language for our right to union management committees (Article 8).

King County-based Team member Paul Natkin stated that “Negotiations are off to a smooth start. The State’s team has a much clearer understanding of what an interpreter is this time. I’m glad to be talking about no-shows, late cancellations, and double-bookings.”

Karen Castle, a Snohomish-county based team member, agreed that our first meetings were very “congenial.”

Additional articles which both sides have proposed opening up for negotiations are Professional Development and Training (Article 4), Documentation (Article 5), Economic Compensation (Article 6), and Dues/Fees (Article 11).

We also now received a detailed response to our information request covering everything from who and were people are working in what languages to what the state is actually paying per job in miles, and more. Our team has only just begun to look at how this information impacts our negotiations over our pay in this next contract.

Additionally, we received bargaining surveys from 129 members. Thank you for sharing your priorities with us! Your input is a critical part of our negotiations.

We meet again with the State on April 17.

In Solidarity,

  • 2015 – 2017 WFSE/AFSCME Interpreter Bargaining Team
  • Election Group 1: Ruth Medina,
  • Election Group 2: Leroy Mould,
  • Election Group 3: Samuel Potts,
  • Election Group 4 (2 positions):
  • Paul Natkin,
  • Milena Calderari-Waldron,
  • Election Group 5: Karen Castle,
  • Election Group 6: Jaime Alarcon,
  • Election Group 7: Eugenio Vidrio,
  • Election Group 8: Larysa House,
  • Election Group 9 (2 positions):
  • Johnny Voogt,
  • Ferdi Nadir,
  • Staff: Sarah Clifthorne and Lewis Woods


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