Interpreters United contract ratification vote opens today

Logo1671-NameBadge_1Members of Local 1671 – Interpreters United – are using online voting to ratify their 2015-17 tentative agreement.

Eligible voters were mailed voting instructions this week and voting opened today, Aug 1 at 6am.

If you did not receive a packet and believe you are a member in good standing, or just have a question about the ratification, call us at 800-562-6002.

Summary of Tentative Agreement (2015-2017 Contract)

This summary does not cover all the changes. If this Tentative Agreement is ratified (majority vote to approve) it will begin July 1, 2015 as long as the Legislature also funds it during the next legislative session.


  • Increases hourly pay to $37.10 per hour for jobs contracted through the State’s coordinating entity (except CSO block time and new “Facility” appointments). This is up from our current rate of $32.50. Another increase takes effect starting July 1, 2016 bringing hourly pay to $38 per hour.
  • Increases pay to $.60/min for remote jobs, up from $.54/min.
  • Late cancellations (within 24 hours, including those due to mistakes by schedulers or patients) and no-shows will all be paid for half the requested time or 30 minutes, whichever is greater. This brings late cancellation pay up to the same level as the no-show pay we currently have. This protects us from the current problem of a cancellation 5 minutes before start time paying less than a no-show.
  • Protects us from underpayments by clearly defining social service block time jobs as only those at DSHS CSOs, and changes “consecutive appointments” to “family member” appointments, which can only be scheduled for LEP clients within the same family.
  • Creates new “Facility Appointment Pilot Project” for two years so that medical facilities needing an interpreter for a number of patients can schedule a medical interpreter for a 2-hour or longer block of time, rather than per patient. Facility appointments are guaranteed pay for the full block of time requested, at $34.60/hour, regardless of how many LEP clients are served. The goal is to reduce the impact of no-shows, cancelations, and unpaid travel time on an interpreter.
  • Clarifies and protects our pay in instances when a job is a late cancellation and we accept another state job that overlaps with the original job.


  • Protects our payment timeline by requiring coordinating entity to contact the requestor within a specified number of days when a requester fails to check us out or when we dispute the times they entered. Adds ability for us to request providers sign a paper voucher we can use as a back up in disputes.
  • Gives interpreters a voice in our certification for the first time by creating an Interpreter Advisory Group
  • Creates a committee tasked with reducing the number of no-shows and cancellations.
  • Makes permanent the agreement on handling overpayments to interpreters, ensuring a fair process.
  • Protects our rights to grieve when we choose to utilize the coordinating entity’s ‘dispute process’.
  • Expands our right to communicate with DSHS employees on how to work with interpreters (currently we only have this right for medical requestors).
  • Ensures our paychecks clearly note what deductions the state’s coordinating entity is making.
  • Continues our permanent committee to work on creating and maintaining a stable pool of professional interpreters. This committee can make recommendations on issues like appointment distribution.

LAP Tentative Agreement 2015-17

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