RALLY AUG 31: #InvestInWA

RALLY AUG 31: #InvestInWA

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Ask the Governor to support his workforce!

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One million more residents need services today than in 2001, but there are 3000 fewer state employees to serve our communities.

99% of state employees are paid below market rate of their counterparts in private and public sectors according to the state’s own salary survey.

Please stop the revolving door of state employment. End the eight-year trend of managing the state’s workforce by eroding benefits, under-compensating, and incentivizing the turnover of skilled and experienced workers, or we will only see the number of crises and those fleeing public service grow.

The citizens of Washington State deserve and expect quality services from the state. Invest in Washington by supporting real raises, ensuring no increased out-of-pocket on health care, and provide immediate relief of short staffing and workload.

  • Of the 60 children’s social workers working in Kent, WA over 90% have left in the last 3 years. These are the people in our community on whom we rely to keep our children safe.
  • It takes 2 years and costs the state $210,238 to train Occupational Safety and Health professionals, but 1 in 3 hired since 2008 have left after 2 years, resulting in millions of dollars to train their replacements. These are the people in our community on whom we rely to keep our workplaces safe.
  • The state budget office reports that some 600 state employees leave state service monthly, often due to low pay and workload. Social workers who protect abused and neglected children, critical safety inspectors, mental health workers and others are the kinds of state workers who leave.


CONTACT:  Tim Welch, WFSE/AFSCME Director of Public Affairs, 360-481-5092

OLYMPIA — Washington state employees and their unions will join with community allies on Wednesday, Aug. 31 to rally at the State Capitol for fair contracts that end the growing trend of public servants driven out of public service by non-competitive pay.

Washington state’s recent salary survey showed that 99 percent of state employees are paid below market rate, an alarming trend because the State of Washington is the largest employer — public or private — in the state. The state employees’ coalition will call for competitive pay, safe staffing and workload relief at Wednesday’s rally.

TAKE A STAND! Make plans to attend the “Invest in Washington” rally, beginning at noon on Wednesday, Aug. 31 at the State Capitol rotunda in Olympia. Join thousands of state employees, their supporters, and speakers including state Sen. Pramila Jayapal. RSVP today!

The rally comes at a critical time. State employees’ contracts, which are now being negotiated, must be ratified by an Oct. 1 deadline. If funded by the Legislature, they’d take effect July 1, 2017.

The competitive pay gap has caused a revolving-door crisis where it’s getting harder and harder to attract and keep state employees. That crisis threatens the services provided by employees of the state, including: law enforcement; safe and clean college campuses; direct care for veterans, disabled, mentally ill and at-risk children and adults; keeping our roads safe and maintaining our highway infrastructure; safeguarding health and safety in the workplace and public utilities like drinking water; and protecting our natural resources.

The unions sponsoring the rally include: American Federation of Teachers Washington; International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers; Professional and Technical Employees Local 17; Retired Public Employees Council of Washington/AFSCME; SEIU Local 775; SEIU Local 925; Teamsters Local 117; the Washington Education Association; the Washington Federation of State Employees/AFSCME; the Washington Public Employees Association; and the Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO.
They’re joined by coalition partners including OneAmerica and WashingtonCAN.

Washington residents deserve and expect quality services. YOU can urge the governor to support meaningful raises for state employees, ensure no more out-of-pocket costs on health insurance, and provide immediate relief of short staffing and workloads. Your voice urging our state to invest in Washington will make a difference. RSVP today!



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  1. Why have there not been updates to the CWU negotiations? As a member I would like to see what is happening!!!