Union/Management Committee Meeting
November 25, 2014
1:30 – 3:00 p.m.
Insurance 5000 Building, Conference Room 221

Union Representatives Attending: Nikki Meador – Chair, Present; Billie Anderson, Present; Lisa Whiton, Present; Cheryl Common, Present; Melanie Watness, Present

Management Representatives Attending: Jim Odiorne – Chair, Present; Shannon Beigert, Not Present;
AnnaLisa Gellermann, Present; Andre Eubanks – Co-Chair, Not Present; Stacie Leanos – Council Representative, Not Present; Sherri-Ann Burke – Labor Advocate, Present



Safety Committee Survey Results, Requested by Management

Guest Speaker:  Ron Pastuch

Discussed Safety Survey responses. Excellent response rate agency wide and in comparison to other WA state agencies. We ranked 3rd among 21 other agencies in our participation numbers. Survey results / and updated Information will be on the OIC intranet page for Safety Committee.  Nikki proposed the idea to ask DES for revision to questions that are very general and not easily answered; more specific questions or geared toward the agency. Ron will inquire.


Overview of Customer Support Assessment Project, Requested by Management

Guest Speaker:  John Hamje

Overview of Customer Support Assessment project. Project Mgr: Jen Noble. Co-Lead: Terrie Flaten. The Goal: Uniform point of entry and workflow for receiving, tracking & responding to inquiries to our agency.

Starts in Jan.  2015. Work-plan in place Feb. 2015. Will be presented to EMT in Sept. 2015. By Oct. 2015 EMT will decide if project will proceed. There will be a project status report and related communications posted on an intranet page.


Touch Bar Implementation, Requested by Management

Guest Speaker:  Steve Carlsberg

Touch bar & secure door implementation begins Dec 15, 2014 when access doors will be locked.. Planning 3 “All Staff communications” before the Go-live date.

The Goal: Tighten access and security of the premises from 6 AM – 6 PM.

It will be a monitored security system allowing reporting and customization. Programmed to have Fail-Safe Fire alarm action where all doors unlock if fire alarm activates (or other emergency evacuation situation). There will be no ‘magic unlock button’ at the Reception desk. Temporary access cards will be issued (by reception) ONLY with supervisor/manager/deputy approval if staff arrives without their access card. Staff are  encouraged to locate & test their existing cards for functionality. Contact Matt Stoutenburg or Steve Carlsberg for replacement cards, preferably before Dec 15. Lanyards and retractable clips available now for staff.


Good of the Order, Requested by Union/Management

Happy Holidays.


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