TAKE ACTION Community College workers deserve a fair contract


Community College classified staff are in the middle of negotiating a contract for 2015-17. After six years without any cost-of-living increases our members are struggling to get by.

We’ve all seen prices rise. Rent, gas and groceries have nearly doubled. State workers have fallen farther and farther behind because their pay hasn’t kept up with the inflation rate in Washington. In fact, in the past six years, corporate tax loopholes have increased and state worker cost-of-living increases have been denied.

  • 81% of your state workers make less than those working for city, county and private employers.  SOURCE: 2014 State Salary Survey PowerPoint  (Slide 12)
  • 57% of Local 304 Community College employees start at less than $15 per hour, qualifying families of two or more for state services.  SOURCE: Seattle Community College District data; DSHS Online CSO


  • The last time classified staff received a cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) was 2008. Since then, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) has increased more than 12%.
  • In 2012 classified staff endured a 3% decrease in pay.
  • Wage increases have been given to many administrators over the past six years.
  • Cuts to classified staff have caused the workload per employee to swell, meaning many of us are doing a lot more with a lot less.
  • Many full-time classified staff qualify for government assistance programs.


  1. A meaningful cost-of-living adjustment (COLA).
  2. Stable (no increase) monthly health care premiums.
  3. Better working conditions for our part-time hourly employees, such as access to paid sick leave and fairer pay.

TAKE ACTION ONLINE:  Tell the board of trustees at local community colleges to negotiation a fair contract for classified staff. 


DOWNLOAD a printed version of the petition here.


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    There are many working unhappily, that have stories of corruption and injustice, please send your horror stories to: communitycollegecorruption@gmail.com

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    Thank you.

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