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Union membership matters

When you sign a union membership card, you become a member of the largest union for state, higher education and public service employees in the state of Washington!

We are 40,000 members strong – and together we have a powerful voice to stand up for workers’ rights and to protect jobs, pay, benefits, working conditions and public services.

Union membership helps us build a strong and united voice for public service and the services we provide

Joining is easy.  Complete and sign a membership card and return it to a shop steward or HR representative at your workplace or simply fold, seal and drop in the mail.

Participation leads to concrete gains

Union membership gives you the right to participate in decisions that impact you at your job. Union membership gives you a voice and the opportunity to participate in the democratic governance of the union. Union membership gives you access to members-only

Recently, member bargaining teams negotiated wage increases of at least 4.8% for the 2015-17 contract and maintained health care premiums and co-pays at affordable levels for all our members despite an effort to raise out-of-pocket costs. Member participation at workplace solidarity-events and via social media amplified our position and empowered our negotiators. Together we stand strong.

Unity is a strong defense

Are you concerned about what has happened to state and public employees over the past few years? Coordinated attacks on unions and workers’ rights across the country could soon impact us right here in Washington. We are at a crossroads. Either we unite and use our voice – and rights – like never before to strengthen our union or we may lose all we’ve gained:

  • Living wages
  • Basic union rights
  • Affordable health care
  • Real pensions

Bottom line: Union membership matters

We cannot take our rights and benefits for granted any longer. The most important way you can help grow this movement of working people is by becoming a union member today.


You can reach us at 800-562-6002 or


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