KTSS Workers United

KTSS Workers United for our clients, families and future!

Join the movement to raise standards in community-based care for our developmentally disabled brothers and sisters.

  • Client needs, not profit and greed – ensuring that state funds are used to provide quality client care.
  • Be fair to those who care – building a united, sustainable, professional workforce to provide consistent quality care.
  • Accountability of taxpayer money – limiting the opportunity of profiteering medicaid-provided funding.
  • Increasing community awareness of developmentally disable neighbors and their quality of care.

Kitsap Tenant Support Services (KTSS) Workers United!

Watch the video about our campaign.


Justice for KTSS clients and staff

KTSS workers have been consistent in voicing their desire for quality care for the people with developmental disabilities that they serve.

On March 7, the House Early Learning & Human Services committee heard from KTSS staff about the vulnerability of clients and the need for more oversight and accountability to guarantee their safety and well-being.

Put clients first.

This was the first public airing of KTSS workers concerns before a legislative body.  The employers association that represents supported living providers also recognized that more needs to be done to ensure the safety and well-being of clients.

Watch the video of the House Early Learning & Humans Services Work Session and stay tuned as the campaign for justice moves forward!

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