Labor & Industries Policy Committee Minutes 5/17/14


MAY 17, 2014

Members present (by local):

  • 313: Beth Gravely
  • 976: Eva Fasthorse, Deborah Haigh, Gary Osborn, Erik Sackstein
  • 1253: Stacy Copland, Ismael Rodriguez
  • 443: Imelda Ang, Nicole Butler, DeFrance Clarke, Donald Cline, Cheryl D’Angelo, Pam Derrick, Marcelline Love, John Moelhman, Melanie Robinson, Carmyn Shute, Donald Vaughan
  • 1326: Claudia Sealock
  • 1181: Charles Pirtle
  • 1221: Jess King, Jeffrey Martin

Meeting called to order at 12:20 pm.

Chair deemed a quorum is present.

Imelda Ang volunteered to take notes of the meeting.

M/S/C seat alternate Jeff Martin.

M/S/P agenda.

M/S/P minutes.

PEOPLE – $60.00.

Jess King announced as winner of PEOPLE prize drawing by LPA.

Correction to the attendance listing noted from the March meeting to reflect that Marcelline Love and Cheryl D’Angelo were excused.

Executive Board Committee Reports:


  • As a Health and Safety Committee member, help passed two resolutions:  C28 become a sponsor to the Governor’s Health and Safety Conference in September and for members of the committee to attend the conference.
  • Working to include a safety tip at the beginning of a C28 policy committee or Executive Board meeting.


  • L&I Policy Committee resolution to change constitution approved.
  • LGBTQI committee will join the parade in Spokane.


  • As a Member Benefits committee member, continues to promote the sale of Union coffee.  Proceeds go to Foundation for Working Families.
  • The committee also manages the Howard Ocobock campout annually. Sign-ups for the family campout are open.  There are 77 places available and 10 places have already been taken.  Go online and sign up.
  • Stewards Committee is working on the upcoming Stewards Conference scheduled for September 6, 2014.  Adopting a strategic goal to establish a mentorship program for stewards to groom active stewards.


  • In Health & Safety Committee – nothing else to report.

Don Cline interested in updates from the Executive Board meeting.

Update provided:

  • Vote of no confidence to the management of Eastern State Hospital was considered but deemed to need more information.
  • Executive Board voted to support a donation to Working America.  The organization is finding and building the progressive members.


Nothing to report.


1.  M/S/P – Erick Sackstein, Local 976 and SLAT committee member, presented a resolution to create a C28 statewide joint apprenticeship and training committee.

Therefore be it resolved that C28 be expected to explore and provide support to the establishment of a statewide Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee (JATC) which would have as its members the union’s highest level of leadership.  Such JATC would have as a purpose to use the equal voice Labor gets by Federal and State statutes (RCW 49.04.040, WAC 296-05-303) in the framework of apprenticeship to promote and oversee the development of day-to-say management of either agency specific, geographic specific and/or trade specific apprenticeship committees for the benefit and welfare of its members.

2.  M/S/P REFER TO COMMITTEE – Electronic cigarettes and lack of policy in the workplace discussion.  Motion to refer this subject matter to the C28 Health and Safety Committee for further research.

3.  M/S/P – Debbie Haigh – move to approve resolution to pay for salary survey for industrial hygienists. Therefore be it resolved that the Federation reimburse Local 976 for the cost of the magazine ($65).

4.  Discussion on the DES salary survey report that is now available on their website. MOU’s in the back of the contract about salaries have to be bargained on again. Salary is the last thing to be negotiated – Article 42.

5.  Discussion about reviewing supervisor files.  If encountering challenges in HQ, contact Perry Gordon.

6.  L&I Safety Committees now accepting new members.  Term is one year.  Any full  member who wants to volunteer to a safety committee will be accepted.  Contact DeFrance Clarke.

7.  WFSE Spring Campaign – Internal Organizing.  Part of AFSCME 50,000 campaign. L&I has 1822 employees covered by WFSE collective bargaining. L&I’s quota is 278 representative fee payers to convert to full-paying members.  If L&I reaches this goal, another seat to the C28 Executive Board will be authorized. Contact Perry Gordon if interested in participating in the Field Organizing Committee and become a FOX.

8.  Bargaining update:  DeFrance and Perry Willard are on the L&I Bargaining Team.  Next meeting is May 20 at the Thurston County Fairgrounds.  C28 Bargaining Communications Committee thinking of more aggressive strategies to convey information.

9.  Lapse time is defined as the time between opening and closing a consultation. Debbie Haigh asked, “How did they come up with the 25% reduction?”  Perry will ask Anne Soiza.

10.  Issue with Independent Medical Exam (IME) schedulers in the Seattle office.  Staff cut from 12 to 9.  New system to automate scheduling is planned to eliminate another 3 staff.  There is a demand to bargain.

11.  Lean staff from the Governor’s Results Washington team came to get feedback from the L&I policy committee on their experience with Lean efforts in the agency.
Next Lean conference scheduled for October 20 and 21 at the Tacoma Dome.

Meeting adjourned at 2:13 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Imelda Ang, L&I Policy Committee Member, Local 443


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