Interpreters Bargaining Team update

INTERPRETERS-33016AX-copyDuring two long and exhaustive days of bargaining with the state’s negotiating team on March 30 and 31, the WFSE/AFSCME Interpreters Bargaining Team shared all our initial proposals, except for professional development and economics. The two least contentious articles, our Preamble and Union-Management Committees, were both tentatively agreed to by both parties (the state and us). Bargaining Team member Quan Tran from Vancouver stated that “Our Interpreter Bargaining Team is loaded with experiences from seasoned interpreters and has the perspective of newer interpreters as well. Going into bargaining, our side was poised and spirited to start the process. Throughout the two days, our members spent time passionately discussing the needs for our professional development, and preparing for our next bargaining in April. Please help us by completing our new bargaining survey.” The Interpreter Bargaining Priorities Surveys should be completed by June 12. The next bargaining session is scheduled for April 19.