Latest UW bargaining update

UWBT-2014-2The UW Bargaining Team held its latest negotiation session with management Wednesday (July 9).

The morning was spent on the union’s position on outsourcing and Article 17 (Contracting) of our contract. The union stands by its position that the current language violates the law and should be removed from the agreement. This argument was made by Federation Contract Compliance Manager Jeannine Livingston.

The team presented our counterproposals to management’s ideas on: Article 9 -Union Activities; Article 10 – Employee Rights; and Article 21 – Performance Evaluations. The team opted to stand firm on most of our earlier ideas. We countered on performance evaluations with changes we feel meet management’s needs while preserving the rights of our members to be evaluated fairly, on a regular basis AND continue to ensure members can respond to the evaluation. We spent a lot of time working on issues on Article 23 – Corrective Action and Article 22 – Removal of Records, which we then presented to management.

While management had questions regarding our proposals-they had nothing new for us to consider.

The UW team next bargains July 21.

(Thanks to UW Bargaining Team Communications Officer Joe Davenport for this report.)


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