Members say: “Hey, Sen. Fain, you can end the Capital Construction Budget gridlock”

Capital Construction Budget Held Hostage – Day 161

Starting this morning, Federation members in five agencies hard hit by lack of a Capital Construction Budget are contacting the Senate Majority floor leader – the man many believe can break the logjam.

Members in the Department of Social and Health Services,
State Parks, Department of Natural Resources, the Commerce Department and the Department of Fish and Wildlife are calling on Sen. Joe Fain, R-47th Dist, to “break the gridlock and broker a Capital Construction Budget now!”

Fain has emerged as a key mover and shaker on the Capital Budget because of his leadership position and roles on two crucial committees: the Senate Rules Committee that decides which bills will come to a vote; and the budget-writing Senate Ways and Means Committee.

Fain, as the No. 3 person in the Senate majority leadership, is the face of his majority on the floor of the Senate. As floor leader he’s the one who directs the flow of bills during debate.

And that includes the state Capital Construction Budget, ESSB 5086, which has been held hostage by Fain’s Senate majority since the weekend of April 22 when the House amended it and it went back to the Senate Rules Committee. Again, Fain sits on the Rules Committee.

Fain is at the center of the Capital Construction Budget gridlock because, in addition to his role as floor leader and on the Rules Committee, he sits on the crucial budget-writing Senate Ways and Means Committee, the Senate Health Care Committee and the Senate Financial Institutions & Insurance Committee, and is vice chair of the Senate Learning & K-12 Education Committee.

Our members believe he is the key player who can bring this 161-day crisis to an end. Plus, he has no less than 25 infrastructure projects in his 47th District that can’t go forward or will cost more with delays. Those include projects where Federation members make a difference at Green River College and Renton Technical College.

Federation members call on Sen. Fain “to stand united with us for a Capital Construction budget to be done now to improve our communities.”

They’re calling Fain with, in part, this message:

“Stop holding the Capital Construction budget hostage. You are harming real people and holding back our community from improving.”

Members in DSHS and Commerce are telling Fain that “we need investment now to improve health outcomes and save us money by avoiding chronic illnesses.”

Members in the three natural resource agencies are telling Fain: “Our natural resources help drive our economy and make this a great place to live for our families. Improving salmon runs, flood readiness, outdoor recreation should be a priority!”

You, too, can join these members in calling Sen. Fain.

You can call Sen. Joe Fain at (360) 786-7692 and tell him to join us to end the Capital Construction Budget impasse. Enough is enough. Stop holding the Capital Construction budget hostage. Break the gridlock and broker a Capital Construction budget now!

Or call your own legislators with that same message via the Legislature’s toll-free message center at 1-800-562-6000.

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