MEMO: Policy Committee Delegate and Alternate Elections

July 23, 2013

MEMO TO:  WFSE Local Presidents and Secretaries

FROM:  Sue Keller, Executive Assistant

SUBJECT:  Policy Committee Delegate and Alternate Elections

This is a reminder of the Policy Committee Constitutional Requirement to hold elections for Policy delegates and alternates. Election of delegates and alternates should be for a 2-year term. A copy of the Constitution Article is included with this memo.

It is important to make sure we receive the official results of your elections by October 1, 2013, which is one month prior to the November 2, 2013 Policy Committee Meeting, so that the information is in our database and all duly-elected delegates and alternates receive notification of the meeting.

Council Executive Board Members and Policy Committee Officers (Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary) will be elected at the November 2, 2013 meeting, and we want to make sure delegates and alternates have the opportunity to participate in these important decisions. All of these positions serve a 2-year term.

An additional mailing will be sent to you in September and will include a list of delegates and alternates we have on file for your Local, their term of office, as well as the number of delegates your local is entitled to for each Policy Group. Please remember that we must hear from you regarding your elections or your delegates and alternates will not receive meeting notification or appear on the appropriate Policy Committee Roster.

Please remember – Delegates and Alternates must be elected and may no longer be appointed.

If you have any questions please call Sue Keller at 1-800-562-6002, (360) 352-7603 or by email

Excerpt from the Policy Committee Constitutions:

Section 4. Delegates and/or alternate delegates shall be elected at the local union level pursuant to Section 3 of this Article. No delegate or alternate delegate will be permitted to make motions or vote unless written certification of their election signed by the local union President or Secretary is received by Council 28 on or prior to the date of the meeting. Such notification shall serve as certification to the Policy Committee.

Section 5. An alternate delegate may be seated as a delegate in the event the local union is full delegate strength is not represented at the meeting. In the event more alternate delegates are present than the number of absent delegates, those to be seated, as delegates shall be determined by the delegates present from that local union.

Section 6. Delegates and alternate delegates shall be elected to serve a term of two years, such term to begin with the first Policy Committee meeting held within 60 days of adjournment of the biennial Convention of Council 28 and ending upon adjournment of the next biennial Convention except that: the term of office of all Policy Committee delegates or alternate delegates elected or appointed prior to October 10, 2006 shall end on that date and new elections’ shall be held for a one year term by October 21, 2006. This one-year term shall end upon adjournment of the 2007 biennial Convention.

Section 7. Local unions may elect, delegates or alternate delegates, to newly eligible positions or to positions vacated by a delegate or alternate delegate, either for the remainder of the two-year term or for a specific meeting ofthe Policy Committee.

Section 8. In the event of a reduction in a local union1s delegate entitlement, the local union shall be responsible for notifying Council 28 in writing of the change in status of any delegate or alternate delegate affected by the change in entitlement. In the absence of any such written notice, the Policy Committee Chair shall determine the delegates and/or alternate delegates to be seated for the meeting.


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