MINUTES Public Safety Caucus 4/2008

APRIL 11, 2008


Staff: April Sims, Don Barber, Greg Davis, Matt Zuvich

The meeting was called to order by April Sims. Introductions:   Everyone, including staff introduced themselves and stated where they were from.

  • The group was polled to find out why they were there and what they were hoping to accomplish with their involvement.   The following ideas were presented by the group

    To find out more about the caucus

  • Work on Retirement
  • Educate the public and legislature about who we are and what we do
  • Lobby for issues
  • A Public Safety Officer’s Bill of Rights
  • Recruitment and Retention
  • We all deal with the same people and have similar issues
  • Benefits
  • Officer Safety
  • Department of Public Safety
  • Records staff (no recognition)

The group then appointed three interim co chairs who will preside over the caucus pending a more formalized structure. Co Chairs elected are: Bill Copland, Commissioner; Jeff Brown, Robert Milton. Interim Secretary Alice Rogers

A group discussion ensued regarding the goals of the group.

M/S/C that everyone here at this meeting attempt to bring one person from another agency.

The next meeting is tentatively scheduled for 5/15/08 in the Seattle/Tacoma area. There should be a presentation for the Executive Board in June and a Resolution for the prospective policies needs to be drafted regarding a budget.

Discussion about what information will be sent to the local meetings to encourage membership in the caucus. Also, what information should go out for the website and to the local presidents.

The public safety caucus will have power with a common focus on issues of concer to ALL public safety issues.

There was an idea to expand policy groups to a public safety policy group (President Dotlich). This will requie planning for constitutional change at the next convention. Discussion for the next meeting. We all have common needs and now have the ability, through this caucus, to work on them in a united front.

Meeting adjourned 9 pm.