MINUTES Public Safety Caucus 5/2008

MAY 15, 2008


  • Bill Copland, Co Chair (Commissioner)
  • Jeff Brown, Co Chair
  • Robert Milton, Co Chair
  • Alice Rogers, Secretary
  • Chris Leyendecker
  • Terri VanAusdle
  • Carol Dotlich
  • Ginger Richardson
  • Betsy McConnel Gutierrez
  • Greg Davis
  • Brian Gralapp
  • Judith Lang
  • STAFF:  Matt Zuvich, April Sims

The meeting was called to order at 6:50 p.m


Those in attendance introduced themselves.


Minutes were read and approved as written


There was discussion about how to get people interested and to the meeting and about meeting times and places. Greg Davis suggested we have a discussion at the next policy committee meeting. Carol Dotlich suggested it would be more productive if this group met on the same date as policy committee. Also, we could go to each policy group that has public safety employees to call the caucus to their attention. Betsy McConnel Gutierrez suggested we decide who we want to attract to the caucus and identify issues related to safety. To increase the audience we need to spread the word that it is not only corrections. April suggested we look into going to academy trainings to reach people during the lunch breaks. Bill Copland spoke about being inclusive but making the purpose toward those working toward the public safety realm, not public service. Greg Davis stated a Mission Statement will drive what participation we need in this group.

There was subsequent discussion about involvement and how we can get more people involved. We need to identify things that we can work toward as a group. The common link will be the clientele we deal with and how we tie it to the work we do relating to safety. Matt Zuvich stated we could insist we get adequate training for the work we do. Without the numbers we can’t get anything. Bill Copland reminded the group that the public safety officers are spread out between different policy groups and, although we are all performing public safety work, we are not on the same page. The consensus is we should focus on working at the next policy group to talk about the caucus. The following action plan was developed:

  • We will put together a flier for the next policy committee meeting.
  • Try to set a date around the October policy committee meeting for a caucus meeting (Saturday October 4th at 4 p.m.)
  • Provide some information to be posted on the web site.
  • Continue networking to increase interest and attendance.

At the next policy committee meeting the following assignments were made to speak to the individual policy groups in June.

  • Natural Resources – Judith Lang
  • Miscellaneous – Alice Rogers
  • Higher Ed – Betsy McConnel Gutierrez
  • Institutions – Brian Gralaup
  • Flier – Terri Van Ausdle will work on a new flier


Retirement, Education, Lobby for Issues, Bill of Rights, Officer Safety, Benefits, Department of Public Safety, Retirement and Retentio


The California Public Safety Officers Bill of Rights for all to review.


To organize and unite public safety workers for their mutual protection, and the advancement of their common goals.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Alice Rogers, Interim Secretary