Miscellaneous Policy Committee Minutes 11/2/13

Call to Order: 

11 am by Vice Chairman, Robert  Bristol

Moved, Seconded, & carried to adopt the agenda as written

Roll Call of delegates:

Present:  Brooks Salazar, Jeffrey Paulsen, Robert Bristol, Donna Carpmail, Steven Livingston, Ingrid Hansen, , Michael Weisman, Abdullatif Quasim, Linda Erickson,  Justin Goodwin, Charyn Niemeyer, Maria Pedersen, Wendy Conway, Andre  Eubanks, Victoria Garcia, Joseph Kristofzski, Dwight Correll, Karol Hoffman, Sarah Decker, Terry Nixon, Jeffery Cole, Daniel Hone, Robert Knowles, Marcella Barber

Excused: Joanne McCaughan,  Shellie savage, Joshua Pace,

Absent: Douglas  Baldwin, Nathaniel Mountain, Debbie Persinger, Ryan Harris, Michalene Fontana,  Roxanne Johnson, Lori Huser,

No Minutes  available from last meeting.

Special order of business:

Chair appointed election committee :  Mike Weisman,  chair, Justin Goodwin, Marci Barber, and Robert  Knowles.

Nominations for Chairman:  Bing Bristol, Ingrid Hansen,  nominations were closed.  After secret ballot, Election committee report Robert Bristol elected Chairman.

Nominations for Vice Chairman:   Jeff Paulsen, Victoria Garcia, Ingrid Hansen,  nominations were closed   After secret ballot had a Run off between Jeff Paulsen and Victoria Garcia, after another secret ballot, Elections committee report Jeff Paulsen elected Vice Chairman.

Nominations for Secretary:  Charyn Niemeyer no other nominations, declared elected by aclaimation.

Old Business: 

UMCC training request, Ingrid Hansen submitted to Council, she reported there was a positive vote at E Board. No training scheduled at this time.

Bargaining team proposal for new addition to the proposal form   – discussed and will be written up to take forward.

Election Committee retained for E Board members   8 positions

Nominated: Jeff Paulsen, Ingrid Hansen, Robert Bristol, Brooks Salazar, Linda Erickson, Wendy Conway, Terry Nixon, Daniel Scott Hone.  No other nominations so all were declared elected by aclaimation.

All newly elected officers and delegates to E Board were sworn in by Council President, Sue Henricksen

Continue old business: 

Ingrid Hansen policy committee element on the Council 28 website discussion

Moved, Second, and Carried:   To invite Laura Reisdorph to give a presentation on website at our next meeting.

New Business: 

A question was asked about this body entertaining proposals to forward to E Board.

Chairman Robert Bristol read list of E Board Committees and urged members to sign up.

Robert Knowles moved a resolution be written, to request E Board on both CBA and Retirement to pursue assault benefit for all member employees similar to DOC & DNR for work related assault by inmates or clients. Request legislative change to provide disability or retirement for said employees who are unable to return to work or have to be accommodated at a y rate.

Second and discussion followed,

States this is addressed in Statute and other employee groups need to be included in these employees.  Discussion about changing to include anyone injured in work related injury. After further discussion, motion was passed.

Resolution for Locality Pay was read, seconded, and discussed

Be it resolved policy committee support establishment of a locality pay for high-cost areas of Washington State.

Further resolved Council 28 and bargaining team prioritize locality pay in bargaining for the 2015-2017 CBA and future Bargaining Agreements.

Further resolved Council 28 lay the political groundwork and pushes for locality pay in Wa State and for State Workers

Finally resolved this resolution be forwarded to WFSE Council 28 Executive Board for Action.

Discussion was closed and motion Carried.

$12.00 collected for People envelope.

Moved, second, and carried:  to adjourn.


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