Miscellaneous Policy Committee Minutes 2/1/14


Miscellaneous Policy Committee
February 1, 2014

Call to Order at 11:55 am by Vice Chairman, Jeff Paulsen

Roll Call of delegates:

  • Present, Jeffrey Paulsen, Donna Carpmail, Steven Livingston, Joanne McCaughan , Nathaniel Mountain, Michalene Fontana, Ingrid Hansen, Ryan Harris,  Michael Weisman, Kyle McCarty,  Linda Erickson,   Charyn Niemeyer, Maria Pedersen, Wendy Conway, Andre  Eubanks, Victoria Garcia,  Dwight Correll, Karol Hoffman,  Jeffery Cole, Daniel Hone, Robert Knowles,
  • Excused:   Brooks Salazar, Robert Bristol, Kristy Bell, Shellie Savage
  • Absent: Douglas  Baldwin, Joe Mihelich, John Guthrie, Abdullatif Quasim, Justin Goodwin, Jeremy Taylor Sparks, Joshua Pace, Joseph Kristofzski, Roxanne Johnson, Lori Huser, Sarah Decker, Terry Nixon

Moved Seconded and Carried to accept the (11/2014) minutes as written.

Guest Speaker

Laura Reisdorph, spoke about the Policy Committee information on the AFSCME website.  Handouts were on tables for everyone to have.  She showed Information about each committee and said text her to add a site for your information. Also a forum for each Policy Committee can be set up.  The other handout she gave us is how to set up a user account so you can post to the forum.  Laura also gave a very informative presentation showing us how to navigate the site.

Old Business: None 

New Business:

  • Ingrid Hansen Moved that Miscellaneous Policy Committee brings to Council 28 to develop and hold training for UMCC.  Second and Carried.
  • Ryan Harris proposed we recommend to Council 28 to support the WA Fair Trade Coalition. Discussions to have Ryan get a written proposal to an E-Board member so they can make a motion at E-Board.

Committee Reports were given

Agency Reports were given

Collected $41.02 for PEOPLE

Good Of the Order

  • Pay Disparity in Private Sector is happening in State Employment too.
  • Discussion was held on Supreme Court  proposal and actions we feel should be taken.

Moved, second, and carried:  to adjourn at 1:35pm.


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