Miscellaneous Policy Committee Minutes 5/17/14


Miscellaneous Policy Committee
May 17, 2014

Call to Order at  12:10pm by  Chairman, Robert  “Bing” Bristol

Roll Call of delegates:

  • Present: Brooks Salazar,  Jeffrey Paulsen, Robert Bristol, Donna Carpmail, Steven Livingston, Joanne McCaughan,  Michael Weisman,   Linda Erickson, Justin Goodwin,  Charyn Niemeyer, Maria Pedersen,   Dwight Correll, Karol Hoffman, Terry Nixon,  Jeffery Cole,  Scott Daniel Hone, Robert Knowles,
  • Excused:  Wendy Conway, Victoria Garcia, Sarah Decker
  • Absent: Douglas  Baldwin, Nathaniel Mountain, Michalene Fontana , Ingrid Hansen, Ryan Harris, Joe Mihelich, John Guthrie, Kyle McCarty, Abdullatif Quasim, Kristy Bell, Andre Eubanks, Joshua Pace, Shellie Savvage, Joseph Kristofzski, Roxanne Johhnson, Jeremy Taylor , Lori Huser,

Review of Minutes from last meeting,  request to Amend to show Terry Nixon and Sarah Decker excused instead of absent. Moved Seconded and Carried to accept the minutes as amended.

E Board reports  

  • Brooks Salazar, America Works ask for more info what and how.
  • Jeff Paulsen, communication and  All About WFSE  and new Member sign up card.
  • Linda Erickson , Steward committee  and Shop Steward conference
  • Maria  for Wendy Conway, Member Only Benefit Committee, Family Campout
  • Bing Bristol, Skilled Labor and Trades

Old business:

UMCC training materials from PERC have helped at DOH.  Contacted PERC and they sent materials.

Guest Speaker:

Tammy Ferkins and Kaylyne Newell  America Works. They ask if we knew about Lean and what our agencies have done with it.  Further discussion on Lean followed.

New Business:  

  • Suggest Communication committee be aware Fee Payers think they are full members because they receive a newsletter.  May need to add information they are not full member.
  • Suggest Shop Stewards Committee check into doing aUMCC training at the next Shop Steward conference.

Collected $ 18.00 for People

Good Of the Order – 

Tony (Council 28 staff)  talked about WFSE Spring and explained the chart. Shows if our policy group flip 20 people we will get another E-Board member.

Moved, second, and carried:  to adjourn at 1:55pm.

Charyn Niemeyer – Secretary


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