GENERAL GOVERNMENT Contract Negotiations



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GG Contract RATIFICATION Information


GG Supplemental Bargaining for Corrections

Our General Government Bargaining Team will  begin negotiations for our 2015-2017 union contract with Supplemental Bargaining. Issues specific to Corrections will be handled at the Corrections Supplemental table. TEAM MEMBERS: Bill Copland (GG Bargaining Team member), Judy Kuschel, Tim Foley, Iris Petersen and Sean Raybell LEAD NEGOTIATOR: Sherri-Ann Burke, WFSE/AFSCME Labor Advocate, HQ Office 800-562-6002 ...


GG Supplemental Bargaining for Agriculture

Our General Government Bargaining Team will  begin negotiations for our 2015-2017 union contract with Supplemental Bargaining. Issues specific to Agriculture will be handled at the Agriculture Supplemental table. TEAM MEMBERS: Shaunna Robertson, Art Fluharty and Bob Milhollen. Teresa Bowman to participate in team meetings/caucuses via phone. LEAD NEGOTIATOR: Desiree Desselle, WFSE/AFSCME Labor Advocate, Spokane Field ...


General Government bargaining update 2/6/14

Bargaining update General Government. The General Government Bargaining Team met Thursday (Feb. 6) to solidify proposals going to the main table and to supplemental tables to deal with agency-specific issues. The team has been meeting since August to review the hundreds of proposals submitted by General Government state agency members. This time around, there will ...


Arbitration Summary GG 14-02 (Articles 33.1, 34)

Agency/Contract:    DOC, General Government 2011-2013 Contract Article(s):    Art. 33.1, Seniority; Art. 34, Layoff and Recall Arbitrator:    Elizabeth Wesman Action:    Layoff Process Violation Outcome:    Grievance Deemed Non-Arbitrable Decision Date:    01/16/2014 The first issue in this case whether the dispute was grievable. The underlying dispute had to do with how the employer calculated the formal and informal ...


MOU on minimum wage signed in General Government

• MOU on minimum wage added to General Government contract. The Federation and state on Dec. 26 signed a memorandum of understanding to cover three park aides affected by the increase in the state minimum wage in January 2014. The MOU to the current, 2013-2015 contract says that all employees earning a salary that is ...




  • Lead Negotiators: Greg Devereux and Amy Spiegel
  • Supplemental Bargaining Negotiators:
    • AGR – Lewis Woods
    • DOT – Bob Keller
    • DOC – Anita Hunter
    • DSHS – Amy Spiegel


  • NEGOTIATIONS:  SEP 13, Red Lion Hotel – Olympia

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Labor and Industries members Laura Farley (left) and Sarah Moran get ready for Unity Rally because s strong contract matters.

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