New groups of DOT, UW members win a voice at work

unionswork_logo_redesign_smallYou’re going to hear much more about these recent wins by two groups of state employees who have won a strong voice and contract rights thanks to the advocacy of the Federation.

• After months of signing union cards and talking with the Federation, about 120 non-permanent employees in Department of Transportation Highway Maintenance have won. They’ll now be added to the union’s Highway Maintenance Bargaining Unit. This includes all “non-perms,” permanent and part-time DOT Highway Maintenance employees doing the same jobs as permanent employees and will be covered by the Federation contract. This remedies years of lower pay, limited benefits and lack of job security.

• And four library archive paraprofessionals in the University of Washington’s Botanic Garden Library who all signed cards saying “Union YES!” have won contract rights. With that unanimous showing, the Public Employment Relations Commission has added the four to the Federation’s existing UW Library Bargaining Unit.


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