Next Wave Conference 2013 in Detroit

Carol HS4Dear Sisters and Brothers,

We’ve had many discussions about how important it is to engage all of our members in the labor movement.  We have shared particular concern about members 35 and under.  We must always work to develop our future leaders.  We have an opportunity to do just that this summer.

A Next Wave Conference is scheduled and it is a great opportunity for Local Unions to send those developing trade unionists 35 and under to an event that will educate and inspire them to become the leaders of tomorrow.

A message from our AFSCME International President and Secretary –Treasurer:

We all know that AFSCME members and working families are under attack. We have come together, as a union and a nation, to stand up for workers’ rights and public services-and young workers are on the frontlines of these fights. As we move forward, the role that young members play in our union will be more important than ever.

This year, we are going to the heart of the recent attacks against us: Michigan. This winter, Gov. Rick Snyder rammed a right-to-work (for-less) bill through-after robbing communities of their democratic rights with his Local Dictator Law-and workers across the state are suffering.

We will hold our third Next Wave conference July 12-14 in Detroit to address the needs of young AFSCME activists, ages 35 and under.

Participants will:

  • Learn more about the specific role of young union leaders in AFSCME and the labor movement to fight the attacks we are under in every state.
  • Exchange strategies and tactics to fight back and win.
  • Roll up their sleeves and do some direct action to combat Governor Snyder’s continuous attacks on Michigan workers.
  • Hear from leaders in the labor movement and progressive allies.

Registration information is available here as well as information about the exciting new open space portion of the conference, where participants will have the chance to present on issues important to you, our now-famous Open Mic Night and our inspiring Labor History Tour of Detroit:

In 2011, AFSCME held its second Next Wave Conference in Atlanta, Ga. More than 500 young leaders and staff came together to jump start a movement of young activists within AFSCME. Emboldened attendees left the gathering ready to do the difficult, but vital work of fighting the attacks we face.

Please share this invitation with your young AFSCME brothers and sisters who may be interested in the 2013 conference. And if you’re interested, please register today. Let’s keep the Next Wave rolling and make this the best year yet!

In solidarity,


LAURA REYES, Secretary-Treasurer


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