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No Less


It’s time to  say NO to second-class treatment by Community College negotiators.


During recent contract negotiations, the state displayed disrespect for Community College employees and the work we do.

  • They say NO to fair wage increases for Community College employees.
  • They want TAKEAWAYS in our paid leave benefit.

After years of takeaways, we need a fair contract that includes real raises and no additional costs to our healthcare.

Enough is enough. We will accept no less.


Community College employees struggle:

  • Over 3000 Community College employees system-wide qualify for food stamps and public assistance.
  • Burger King – and other low paid jobs – pays MORE than many entry-level jobs at Community Colleges in Washington state.
  • 99% of Community College employees are paid LESS than market rate for the jobs they do.
  • And 75% of community college employees are more than 25% behind in pay.
  • Washington Community Colleges are increasingly using part-time hourly workers, paying them LESS to do the same work.
  • Since 2012, Washington Community Colleges have hired over 2800 part-time hourly workers — just in WFSE represented bargaining units. Of these, 990 have accumulated more than 12 months of work yet are considered ‘temporary’ by the Colleges. In General Government part-time hourly employees become permanent employees after 12 months of work. Why does this double-standard exist in our Community Colleges?
  • 59% of all Washington college students now attend a Community College but Washington has cut the workforce by 19% since 2009-’10. Now only 17,724 staff work in the WA Community Colleges, compared to 21,667 employees in 2010.
  • Reduction in workforce and heavy workloads AND low pay means high turnover in our Community College jobs.


4 Comments on “No Less

  1. It is really a no win situation. We all dont want to raise taxes to increase state budgets but we want to be paid more from those state budgets. I want more money as much as the next guy but I dont want the state to go into debt trying to increase pay beyond its limits.

  2. Phil-I understand your concern. The real problem we have is our state has the most regressive state tax system in the country. The rich and corporations do not pay their fair share. Look at the case of Boeing, who got all those tax breaks and then sent 5600 engineering jobs out of state. If you took the $305,000,000 a year that Boeing should be paying to the state, you could give a $7600 a year raise to everyone of the 40,000 members of WFSE! That is only one corporation! We will not settle for less!
    Jerry Owens
    Shoreline Community College
    CCC Bargaining Tram Member

    1. Why is my comment immoderate? I have not said anything about negotiations, used no profane language, and my statements about our tax system and Boeing are accurate. Everyone is free to disagree with me, but I am not saying anything inappropriate.

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