Campaign to protect at-risk children

CA-Pumpkin-patchWhat will you do to protect at-risk children?

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Workload is crushing and getting worse.

For example: Some 2,300 CPS investigations are open more than 90 days • Positions called for in 2007 workload study never filled • Legislative and other mandates have staff doing more paperwork than social work • Record numbers of experienced staff leaving because of workload, leaving less experienced staff to do the work.

Real caseloads are off the charts and prevent real social work.

For example: The Braam decision mandates no more than 18 cases per caseworker, while some have 30-40 cases • Reports of child abuse and neglect increased 11.7% in the past two years •  A 21% increase in intakes1, meaning increased demands for services, yet at least 350 positions have been cut.
1Intakes that required Children’s Administration to respond with an investigation or Family Assessment Response within 24 or 72 hours.

The Children’s Administration is grossly underfunded. Child safety is at risk.

For example:

  • There’s a potential $18.5 million deficit
  • There’s already $6.5 million less in FY 2014
  • Cost containment = harm to clients
  • The state should solve this problem by investing in staff and training now to prevent more lawsuits and costly settlements

Budget cuts are hurting at-risk children, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

For more information about this campaign, contact Sean Dannen, 800-562-6002 or


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