Negotiations of the 2015-17 Tentative Agreement (TA) for the WFSE/AFSCME Central Washington University (CWU) bargaining unit concluded on September 18, 2014.

Your Bargaining Team recommends that you ACCEPT this Agreement. After you have reviewed the TA Summary, we believe you will agree that good progress was made.

***UPDATE 9/30/14: Members approve tentative agreement 51-13.***

We hope you will exercise your right to vote and ratify this Tentative Agreement.

RatificationEnvelope-trContract Ratification Kit

Ratification kits are being mailed to the home address of record for all members. Please watch your mail! The kits include a tentative agreement summary and detailed voting instructions.

  • Voting is online. Voting instructions provide step-by-step instructions and include a unique login and password for each dues-paying member. Not sure if you’re a member in good standing? Call us at 800-562-6002 to inquire or to update your mailing address.
  • Contact us if you have difficulty using the system to cast your vote.
  • Voting Assistance Centers provide you a time and place to ask questions about the agreement and an opportunity to place your vote. Voting Assistance Centers have been scheduled for the following locations:
    • SEP 30 from 9-11am at CWU Student Union Recreation Center
    • SEP 30 from Noon-5pm at CWU Student Union Recreation Center


Major goals achieved in tough economic times include:

  • 3% increase in 2015 (see Art. 43).
  • 1.8% increase in 2016 (see Art. 43).
  • A guaranteed “me-too” with General Government and a wage re-opener clause (see Art. 43).
  • Two new personal leave days (see Art. 18).
  • Call back pay extended to Law Enforcement Officers (see Art. 43).
  • Increase shift premium pay to 1.25 per hour (see Art. 43).
  • Day for a day (see Art. 10 and Art. 18).



Article 43 – Compensation

  • 3% across the board increase effective 7/1/15
  • 1.8% across the board increase effective 7/1/16
  • Call Back Pay extended to Law Enforcement Officers.
  • Increased Shift Premium to $1.25 per hour.



Article 2 – Non-Discrimination

  • Added Classes – Gender Identification and Gender Expression; Protected Veteran.

Article 5 – Temporary Appointments 

  • Added Overtime for temporaries.

Article 10 – Holidays

  • Added the two new Faith or Conscience references for legislatively created unpaid holidays.
  • Employees will be paid for the hours scheduled to work on the holiday.

Article 18 – Miscellaneous Paid Leave 

  • Added a Personal Leave day each fiscal year of the contract for employees continuously employed for more than four months.
  • Employees will be paid for the number of hours they would be scheduled to work on that day.

Article 21 – Uniforms, Tools and Equipment

  • Law Enforcement Boot allowance increased to $325 for the two years of the contract.
  • Add a list of Employer Supplied Equipment for Law Enforcement.
  • New language allowing an employee and supervisor to agree to waive the notice period for floating schedules if they choose. The waiver is only valid if the employee agrees.

Article 30 – Grievance 

  • Eliminated Election of Remedies Language.

Article 33 – Employee Files

  • New language – Once a discipline issue has been removed from the personnel file the information will not be used in subsequent actions.

Article 37 – Mandatory Subjects

  • Added clarifying language regarding process.

Article 38 –Union-Management communication Committee   

  • Added language to clarify that resolutions to problems addressed in the UMCC can be documented to reflect the mutual understanding.

Article 40 –Union Activities

  • Strengthened language concerning Information Requests.

Article 41 –Dues, Fees, and Status Reports

  • Added clarifying language regarding process.
  • Added Employer offered Health and Insurance Supplemental to the list of approved deductions.

Article 44 –Health Care Benefits Amounts

  • Still in negotiations concerning this item.





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