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Negotiation of the 2017-19 TENTATIVE AGREEMENT (TA) for the  EASTERN WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY contract concluded on 9/8/16.

Your Eastern Washington University Bargaining Team recommends that you VOTE TO ACCEPT this Tentative Agreement (TA) and strongly encourages your participation in the ratification process. After you have reviewed the TA summary and TA text (see below) we believe you will agree that good progress was made and hope you will exercise your right to vote and ratify this Tentative Agreement.

We thank you for all your hard work, research, job actions and solidarity. You make the difference! If you have questions about this Tentative Agreement (TA), please contact Sherri-Ann Burke at sherri-annb@wfse.org or speak with one of your WFSE EWU Bargaining Team members.

It’s time to vote!

Ratification information was mailed to the home address of record for all dues-paying members. Not sure if you’re a dues-paying member in good standing? Call us at 800-562-6002 to inquire or to update your mailing address.

Please watch your mail! First, you’ll receive a tri-fold mailer with detailed voting instructions with your login and password to use at the Voting Center (opens 9/15/16). A second mailing included a copy of your personalized voting instructions, the tentative agreement summary and a letter from the bargaining team.

  • CLICK HERE TO VOTE ONLINE. Voting instructions provide step-by-step instructions and include a unique login and password for each dues-paying member. WFSE’s Online Voting Center opens SEP 15.
  • Contact us if you have difficulty using the system to cast your vote – once voting opens.

Voting Assistance Centers

Voting Assistance Centers offer onsite opportunities where you can get answers to questions about the TA.

  • Locations/dates/times coming soon.

(2017-19 Contract)

This is a summary that highlights and explains the most significant provisions of the Tentative Agreement reached between the Washington Federation of State Employees (WFSE) classified bargaining unit and Eastern Washington University (EWU) on September 8, 2016. It does not cover every article or every provision.

Major goals achieved

  • 2% increase effective 7/1/2017 (see Art. 19)
  • 2% increase effective 7/1/2018 (see Art. 19)
  • 2% increase effective 1/1/2019 (see Art. 19)
  • $100 Lump Sum July 25, 2017 (see Art. 19)
  • Increased base for classes experiencing compression and inversion (see Art. 19)
  • Adjustment to Vacation Leave Accrual (see Art. 29)
  • Added Protections to Non-Discrimination (see Art. 9)
  • Added Option to Request Additional Days to Submit Response to Performance Evaluations (see Art. 36)
  • Addressed Call Back Language – Maintained 3 hour bonus pay and increased eligibility for Call Back (see Art. 20)

Economic Gains

Article 43 – Compensation

  • 2% across the board increase effective 7/1/17
  • 2% across the board increase effective 7/1/18
  • 2% across the board increase effective 1/1/19
  • $100 Lump Sum (see Art. 19)
  • Classification Adjustments for specific classes

Non-Economic Gains

Article 3 – Scope of Agreement

  • Language clarified process for Mandatory Subjects.

Article 9 – Non-Discrimination

  • Added Classes – Added State and Federally Protected Classes.

Article 15 – Personnel Files

  • Reduced retention of personnel evaluations.
  • Increased opportunity to submit request for removal of information from 14 days to thirty days.

Article 20 – Hours of Work and Overtime

  • Added Stage Manager and Recreation & Athletec Specialist 4 to those needing floating schedule.
  • Call Back Pay – Maintain 3 hour penalty. Increased those eligible by adjusting hours from three to two.

Article 21 –Health Care Benefits Amounts

  • Article unchanged however: Maintain current split 85/15.
  • Maintained ability to earn reduction $125.

Article 25 – Employee Development and Training

  • Added language to include both campus and on-line state support programs.

Article 29 – Vacation

  • Adjusted leave accrual to earn leave earlier.

Article 30 – Sick Leave

  • Added verbal notification if sick leave verification is required prior to return to work.
  • Clarified notification for Return to Duty and number of days.

Article 31 – Shared Leave

  • Added domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking, emergency volunteer service.
  • Donation and Use of Shared Leave will follow the latest iteration of the RCW.

Article 32 – Additional Reason for Leave

  • Removed requirement to pay university for compensation received for jury and witness leave.
  • Suspended Operations – Added requirement that university HR will distribute campus wide e-mail to classified staff following suspended operations detailing how time, leave, pay and make-up time will be handled.

Article 36 – Performance Evaluations

  • Added option to request seven additional days to submit response to performance evaluations.

Article 41 –Union Activities

  • Clarified Union Representation.
  • Added section to allow paid time for President appointed committee participation.

Article 43 –Printing of Agreement

  • Added distribution through campus mail and opt out hard copy v electronic version.
  • University will supply Chief Shop Steward with a monthly list of new employees to distribute a copy of the agreement.

Article 47 –Workplace Behavior

  • New Article to address respect in the work place.

Article 48 –Fitness for Duty (Removed from Sick Leave)

  • Removed from the Sick Leave Article made into its own article.


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