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RatificationNegotiation of the 2015-2017 Tentative Agreement between the Washington Federation of State Employees (WFSE) and Tacoma Community College (TCC) concluded on November 24, 2014.

Your WFSE TCC Bargaining Team recommends that you VOTE TO ACCEPT this Agreement. After you have reviewed the information below, we believe you will agree that good progress was made on this first contract and will exercise your right to vote and ratify this Tentative Agreement.

This Tentative Agreement references the Health Care Agreement. Health Care is negotiated in a coalition of all Unions who represent state employees.

An ONSITE Voting Assistance Center will provide you a time and place to ask questions about the agreement and an opportunity to complete your vote.   If you have questions, please speak with one of your WFSE TCC Bargaining Team members or contact Sherri-Ann Burke at 800-562-6002 or sherri-annb@wfse.org.


  • MON DEC 8 from 11am-1pm at TCC Staff Lunch Room in Building 7.


SUMMARY OF TENTATIVE AGREEMENTfor Tacoma Community College – Student Services Support UnitThis summary highlights and explains the most significant provisions of the Tentative Agreement reached between the Washington Federation of State Employees (WFSE) bargaining unit and Tacoma Community College (TCC) on November 24, 2014.  It does not cover every article or every provision.  MAJOR GOALS

Major goals:  Establish First Contract for this Exempt Bargaining Unit which includes:

  • 3% increase in 2015 (see Art. 45)
  • 1.8% increase in 2016 (see Art. 45)
  • Union Rights (see Art. 3)
  • Discipline (see Art. 26)
  • A Union Management Committee Meeting Process (see Art. 30)
  • A Layoff and Recall Procedure (see Art. 33)
  • Contracting (see Art. 40)
  • A Grievance Article (see Art. 43)
  • Union Security (see Art. 44)

Your TCC – SSSU Bargaining Team recommends you VOTE TO ACCEPT this Agreement.



Article 45 – Compensation

  • 3% across the board increase effective 7/1/15
  • 1.8% across the board increase effective 7/1/16
  • $650 dollar addition to base pay for those who have achieved their Master’s Degree in a relevant discipline, effective upon submission of documentation.
  • Memorandum of Understanding to address 2% Adjustment for certain job classes to do salary survey with apples to apples comparisons.



Article 2 – Non-Discrimination

  • Concerns and complaints will be addressed per college policy.
  • The College will provide annual notice concerning applicable campus policies and state and federal regulations.

Article 3 – Union Rights 

  • Outlines rights for members and stewards under this Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Article 5 – Workplace Behavior

  • Outlines a process to address inappropriate workplace behavior by either staff or management.

Article 6 – Hiring and Appointments  

  • Covers Recruitment Process.
  • Types of Appointments and Notice to Employees.

Article 8 – Training and Professional Development

  • Covers training for staff, professional development and attendance at conferences.

Article 9 – Workload and Staffing

  • The College will ensure that workloads for employees with similar duties and job titles are established on an equitable basis.
  • The College agrees that discussion of workload issues is an appropriate subject for the Union Management Communication Committee.

Article 10- Performance Evaluations

  • Regular communication or conversation between supervisors and staff should address staff performance. The evaluation is not a substitute for regular communication, rather a structured compliment to it.

Article 11 – Employee Files

  • Employees have the right to review their personnel file, supervisory file, attendance file, payroll file, and medical file.

Article 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 & 19 – Holidays and Various Forms of Leave

  • Covers rules pertaining to Holidays, Annual Leave, Sick Leave, Shared Leave, Leave Without Pay, Miscellaneous Paid Leaves, Family & Medical Leave Act, and Suspended Operations.

Article 22 –Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace  

  • All employees must report to work in a condition fit to perform their assigned duties unimpaired by alcohol, marijuana, illegal drugs, or controlled substances.

Article 23 –Safety and Health

  • Employees shall not be required to work in unsafe or hazardous conditions or to perform hazardous tasks which endanger their health, safety, or well being.

Article 26 –Discipline

  • The College will not administer discipline without just cause.
  • Discipline is subject to the grievance process.

Article 30 –Union Management Committee

  • The goal of the Union-Management committee is to support a constructive and cooperative relationship between the parties.
  • The committee will consist of up to three (3) employer representatives and up to three (3) employee representatives, and a non-voting staff representative of the Union.

Article 33 –Layoff and Recall

  • Establishes the basis for layoff and defines the layoff units.
  • Defines the notice to be given the Union and the employees, and employee rights.
  • Establishes the recall process.

Article 40 –Contracting

  • The College will notify the Union prior to notifying employees and will satisfy its collective bargaining obligation before contracting for bargaining unit work.

Article 43 –Grievances

  • Establishes the process to grieve violations of the collective bargaining agreement.
  • It is the intent of the parties to resolve issues at the lowest possible level.

Article 44 –Dues, Fees, and Status Reports

  • Union Security.

Article 46 –Health Care Benefits Amounts

  • TCC will provide approved Public Employee Benefits Board package

Article 48 –Printing of the Agreement

  • The College and the Union will share the initial cost of printing this Agreement. The Agreement will be printed using the College’s print shop.

Article 49 –Term of Agreement

  • The Agreement will take effect January or February 1, 2015 after ratification by WFSE and the Board of Trustees and will remain in full force and effect through December 31, 2017.

Memorandum of Understanding

  • The College agrees to conduct an updated salary survey for the following positions:
    • Educational Planners
    • Coordinator Running Start
    • Coordinator and Family Support Specialist
    • The parties will discuss and agree upon equivalent comparators before conducting the survey.



TCC Tentative Agreement


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