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Updated 9/19/16


Negotiations of the 2017-19 THE EVERGREEN STATE COLLEGE (TESC-Classified) contract concluded August 9. We’re preparing now for the ratification vote. Here’s what you need to know.

(2017-19 Contract)

This is a summary that highlights and explains the most significant provisions of the Tentative Agreement reached between the Washington Federation of State Employees (WFSE) classified bargaining unit and The Evergreen State College (TESC-Classified) on August 10, 2016. It does not cover every article or every provision.

Major goals achieved

  • 2% increase effective 7/1/2017 (see Art. 43)
  • 2% increase effective 7/1/2018 (see Art. 43)
  • 2% increase effective 1/1/2019 (see Art. 43)
  • $100 Lump Sum July 25, 2017 (see MOU)
  • Increased base pay for Law Enforcement Personnel (see App. I)
  • Increased Vacation Leave Accrual (see Art. 11)
  • Add gender identity and gender expression to Non-Discrimination (see Art. 2)
  • Clarified use of temporary appointments (see Art. 5)
  • Added Bonding Time and Pregnancy/Childbirth to Shared Leave (see Art. 13)

Economic Gains

Article 43 – Compensation

  • 2% across the board increase effective 7/1/17
  • 2% across the board increase effective 7/1/18
  • 2% across the board increase effective 1/1/19
  • $100 Lump Sum (see MOU)
  • Classification Adjustments for specific classes

Non-Economic Gains

Article 2 – Non-Discrimination

  • Added Classes – Gender Identification and Gender Expression.

Article 5 – Temporary Appointments

  • Clarified use of temporary appointments.

Article 10 – Holidays

  • Added the two new Faith or Conscience references for legislatively created unpaid holidays to this article (formerly in Miscellaneous Paid Leave).

Article 11 – Vacation Leave

  • Increased leave accruals; adjustment to eligibility to take leave in first six months.

Article 12 – Sick Leave

  • Added suspended operations leave.

Article 13 – Shared Leave

  • Added Bonding Time; Pregnancy and Childbirth;

Article 15 – Family and Medical Leave

  • Added suspended operations leave.

Article 16 – Work-Related Injury or Illness

  • Added suspended operations leave.

Article 18 – Miscellaneous Paid Leave

  • Under Bereavement Leave – Added sick leave, compensatory time, suspended operations leave, vacation leave, personal holiday, personal leave day or leave without pay.

Article 22 – Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace

  • Added clarity about reporting requirements; alcohol and controlled substances; Law Enforcement Boot allowance increased to $325 for the two years of the contract.

Article 30 – Grievance

  • All grievances must be submitted to Human Resource Services.

Article 38 –Union-Management communication Committee           

  • Added language to clarify types of issues addressed at a UMCC.

Article 40 –Union Activities

  • Strengthened language concerning negotiations and use of subject matter experts..

Article 41 –Dues, Fees, and Status Reports

  • Added two categories to the report.
  • Added to indemnification for violations of privacy.

Article 44 –Health Care Benefits Amounts

  • Maintained 85/15 split.
  • Maintained ability to earn reduction via Wellness $125



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