Negotiations of the 2015-17 Tentative Agreement (TA) for the WFSE/AFSCME University of Washington Police Management (UWPM) bargaining unit concluded on September 25, 2014.

Your Bargaining Team recommends that you ACCEPT this Agreement. After you have reviewed the TA Summary, we believe you will agree that good progress was made.

We hope you will exercise your right to vote and ratify this Tentative Agreement.

RatificationEnvelope-trContract Ratification Kit

Ratification kits are being mailed to the home address of record for all members. Please watch your mail! The kits include a tentative agreement summary and detailed voting instructions.

  • Voting is online. Voting instructions provide step-by-step instructions and include a unique login and password for each dues-paying member. Not sure if you’re a member in good standing? Call us at 800-562-6002 to inquire or to update your mailing address.
  • Contact us if you have difficulty using the system to cast your vote.



Major goals achieved in tough economic times include:

  • 3% across the board increase effective 7/1/15
  • 2% across the board increase effective 7/1/16
  • Added an additional Step
  • Annual Fitness incentive and incentive pay
  • Increased longevity pay by 1%
  • Increased standby pay from $2.75 to $3.75


Article 6- Union Dues Deduction

  • Gains in obtaining direct withdrawal payments covering the police personnel safety protection program thereby ensuring continuity of coverage for our members.

Article 11- Bereavement Leave

  • Members may now use up to 3 days of sick leave for additional bereavement leave.

Article 12- Holidays

  • Language added to reflect up to two days per year of unpaid holiday leave shall be granted for reasons of faith and conscience.   Unpaid holiday leave will not impact seniority.

Article 18- Hours of Work and Overtime

  • Increased standby pay by $1.00
  • Increased court assignment minimum pay by an additional hour
  • Additional safeguards around staffing of football games

Article 25 – Compensation

  • 3% across the board increase effective 7/1/15
  • 2% across the board increase effective 7/1/16
  • Annual Educational incentive for bachelors or advance degrees
  • Increased longevity pay starting at 3 years
  • Annual Fitness Incentive
  • Gained an additional Step, the pay scale now goes to M Step.





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