Negotiations of the 2017-19 WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY contract concluded 9/13/16.

(2017-19 Contract)

Major Economic Gains

  • Language agreeing to General Government compensation increases/General Salary Service Schedule:
    • 2% increase effective 7/1/2017 (see Art. 24 & package proposal agreement)
    • 2% increase effective 7/1/2018 (see Art. 24 & package proposal agreement)
    • 2% increase effective 1/1/2019 (see Art. 24 & package proposal agreement)
  • Agreement to adjust classifications covered by this agreement to match upward movement as listed on the Office of Financial Management Human Resources Classified Job Listing (see Art. 24 & package proposal agreement)
  • Agreement to higher leave benefits per Legislative approval and WAC changes (see Art. 17 & package proposal agreement)

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Highlights of Non-Economic Gains

Article 3 – Workplace Behavior

  • Grievances related to this Article are now susceptible to Steps One (1) and Two (2) of the grievance procedure

Article 4 – Employee Rights and Responsibilities

  • Where uniforms are required two (2) bargaining unit members may participate in the uniform selection process
  • Members are allowed to speak with Union reps and stewards for a de minimis amount of time without consequence or utilizing personal leave time

Article 5 – Union Rights and Responsibilities

  • Steward release time to attend Union and University joint CBA training

Article 6 – Hours of Work, Work Schedules and Overtime

  • Member work schedules will consist of two (2) consecutive days off
  • Employee requested alternate schedules

Article 8 – Classification

  • Members will have, or be provided, training for the job tasks they are expected to perform

Article 14 – Personnel Records

  • Written corrective action removed after two (2) years (without circumstances)
  • The University will be required to notify member and Union in writing for any reason and timeframe for a retention period longer than two (2) years for written corrective action
  • The University will be required to notify member and Union for denied request to remove disciplinary actions from Employee personnel file

Article 17 – Annual Leave

  • Increased vacation leave accruals throughout duration of employment subject to WAC change
  • Subject to legislation – use of leave in first 6 months of employment

Article 20 – Shared Leave

  • Subject to legislation – new family/parental leave provisions

Article 23 – Employee Development

  • For Bargaining Unit 12 members only, the University will provide ServeSafe or other state approved food safety training for employees required to maintain a food handlers permit
  • The University will provide in writing the reason for any denied training requests

MOU – Classification Specific Salary Adjustments

  • Electronics Technician 4 group will move from range 49G to 50G

Health Care Benefit Amount

  • Maintained healthcare costs, held the line on UMP out-of-pockets costs, and increased wellness benefits for those completing their health assessment



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