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Stop the Closure of the Only Institution with an Exclusive Mission to Serve the Educational Needs of the Labor Movement -The National Labor College

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The National Labor College (NLC) is one of a kind, the only college in the United States with an exclusive mission to serve the educational needs of the labor movement. It is an activist institution made up of students, faculty and alumni who together form a learning community based on a common understanding of the world of work and the ecology of the labor movement. The College respects that its student body is made up of experienced, highly skilled working adults who have multiple commitments to family, job, union and community. In its academic programs, NLC honors higher learning that takes place both inside and outside the collegiate community.

Today, the NLC Board has determined to close the school.

Several costly financial decisions were made such as the decision to renovate the campus in 2006 and then build a 73,000 square foot building on the campus in 2007 (apparently the result of an overly optimistic ‘build it and they will come’ perception at the time). The physical college campus in Maryland is currently for sale and a buyer will eventually be found so that portion of the financial problem will be solved.

The long-term growth opportunity of the college rests in the administration’s promising development of the institution’s online format that now makes courses accessible to millions of workers throughout the world. Some courses could still be offered ‘in person’ via the use of our Central Labor Council offices, local labor union offices and worker’s centers.

I could not imagine a scenario wherein the school would not be financially viable after the sale of the NLC’s Maryland campus is completed and financial resources become available for administering and maintenance of the institution’s online instruction.


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