TESC Classified Bargaining Update

The Evergreen State College Classified Staff. The team reports: “Through a tough negotiation double session, the TESC Classified Bargaining Team continued to press management to do the right thing when it comes to compensation.   On Aug. 27, your team worked through the evening, and came back to the table early the next morning.  Your team’s hard work paid off and we were able to reach tentative agreements on four more Articles: Article 9 Training and Employee Development, Article 12 Sick Leave, Article 20 Safety and Health, and Article 22 Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace, bringing the total to 43 Articles.   These bargaining sessions were tough and raw and our hard work continues.  Your team needs your support!  Wear your green shirts to show your support for your team’s next bargaining session with management, September 15.”


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