TESC Classified Staff Bargaining Update 8/16/14

TESC-201517-BT-5The Evergreen State College Classified Staff. The bargaining team for TESC Classified Staff reports:

“Your TESC Classified Staff Bargaining Team met with management on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week (Aug. 12 and 13) and reached Tentative Agreements on three more articles, bringing our total to 39 (see the list below). All of these agreements will be voted on by the membership, so it is very important for our team to be in contact with our members.  Our next two bargaining sessions are scheduled for Aug. 27 and Aug. 28 on the TESC campus in Olympia. These are the last sessions scheduled.  This week the team put forward our Compensation proposal (Article 43) and we expect to receive a response from management on Aug. 27.

“Show your support for your bargaining team and tell TESC management to do the right thing when it comes to your wages at noon on Aug. 27 on the TESC Campus on Red Square.  Wear your green shirts and grab a sign.   Your team needs your support and appreciates what it will help them do for you!

TESC Classified 2015-2017 TAs:

Article 1 Union Recognition
Article 2 Non-Discrimination
Article 3 Workplace Behavior
Article 4 Hiring and Appointments
Article 6 Performance Evaluation
Article 8 Overtime
Article 13 Shared Leave
Article 14 Uniformed Service Shared Leave Pool
Article 15 Family Medical Leave Act
Article 16 Work-Related Injury or Illness
Article 18 Miscellaneous Paid Leave
Article 19 Leave Without Pay
Article 23 Travel
Article 24 Commute Trip Reduction and Parking
Article 26 Volunteers and Student Workers
Article 27 Resignation and Abandonment
Article 28 Privacy and Off-Duty Conduct
Article 29 Discipline
Article 30 Grievance Procedure
Article 31 Legal Defense
Article 32 Employee Assistance Program
Article 33 Employee Files
Article 34 Reasonable Accommodation and Disability Separation
Article 35 Layoff and Recall
Article 36 Management Rights
Article 37 Mandatory Subjects
Article 38 Union Management Communication Committee
Article 39 Seniority
Article 42 Classification
Article 45 VEBAs
Article 46 Childcare Centers
Article 47 Employee Lounge Facilities
Article 49 Contracting
Article 50 Shared Services
Article 51 Entire Agreement
Article 52 Savings Clause
Article 53 Distribution of Agreement
Article 54 Term of Agreement

Online (http://www.wfse.org/collective-bargaining/tesc-classified-bargaining-team/) : Your bargaining team members, contact forms and more bargaining updates.


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