TESC Non-Management Exempt Staff Bargaining Update, 11/8/12

On Wednesday, November 7th, Student Services Support Staff Union members held a campus event in Red Square showing community support for “Just Cause” or employee due process rights. Approximately 50 union members, Evergreen faculty, students and other supportive community allies gathered in Red Square to give “Applause for Just Cause”.

Campus students and faculty members individually spoke in support of our union’s demand for Just Cause or employee due process rights. Participants also engaged in chanting, claps of applause and traced their hands on a cloth banner to deliver to the Administration.

Before Thursday’s negotiations, our union bargaining team attended a very productive joint meeting with representatives of the United Faculty of Evergreen and Classified Staff Unions. After lunch, our team was asked to attend a presentation by Evergreen’s Human Resources specialists.

Evergreen Administration’s presentation focused on The College’s 2006 Salary Survey for Exempt Employees in Student Affairs.

After the Administration explained their use of market rate-based surveys, our union negotiation team still did not understand how The College assigned employees to salary levels beyond management’s discretion.

Our team presented four counter-proposals for management’s review.

Thursday’s session ended after a detailed verbal discussion of various budgetary challenges facing The College, in addition to an initial discussion of some compensation issues. We have yet to receive a written compensation proposal from Evergreen, limiting further progress on this crucial bargaining unit issue.

The team negotiates again on November 14.


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