TESC SSSSU Bargaining Update, 2/23/12

The Evergreen State College Exempt Staff Bargaining Update for 2/22/12?Our full initial proposal (minus Compensation) was given to management on 2/8/12.

Yesterday, 2/22/12, was our second day of bargaining where we reached our first significant difference of opinion in Ground Rules.

Our union could not agree to a gag order.

As a result, we successfully maintained the ability to communicate with our members and allies, which is important for our first contract negotiations.  This empowers us to continue to draw strength from our union and campus community that supports collective bargaining, workers rights, and Evergreen’s Social Contract.?

We received 17 counter proposals from management to our 50 initial proposals.?Later we made progress, coming to tentative agreement on 6 easy starters including:?

  • Volunteers and Student Workers?
  • Voluntary Employee Beneficiary Association?
  • Legal Defense?
  • Childcare Centers?
  • Work Related Injury?
  • Shared Services?

If you have questions, please contact the bargaining team.

Allow us to introduce our bargaining unit members:

  • We are the professional staff who provide direct support services to Evergreen students.
  • We consider ourselves educators, mentors, coaches, problem-solvers and we play a vital role in helping students be successful.
  • We recruit students to campus.
  • We provide students with a home away from home, create community, and provide round-the-clock support.
  • We help students learn how to navigate Evergreen’s curriculum and create their academic pathways to success.
  • We help students become engaged, connected, and provide leadership opportunities
  • We support students’ positive mental health and their ability to be successful in all aspects of their college career.
  • We are Admissions, Academic Advising, Student Activities, Residential and Dining Services, Counseling Center, The Flaming Eggplant, Financial Aid, Records & Registration, Gear Up, Upward Bound, KEY Student Services, Career Development, KAOS, First People’s Advising Services, and Athletics and Recreation.

We formed our union to address our individual frustrations and to transfer those into a collective response to initiate real change that will result in higher retention of Student Affairs staff.

We believe that retention of Student Affairs staff will ultimately result in retention of students.  We also aim to remove barriers to equity such as pay, uneven workload, fair treatment, work schedule, and at will status.

Our intent is to work collaboratively to address these issues.

In a survey of our membership, conducted fall quarter, these were identified as key issues along with:

  • Seniority rights
  • Grievance procedure
  • Health and Safety Concerns
  • Health Insurance
  • Job Security
  • Promotion Opportunities

In the spirit of working together towards a stronger campus community, most of our members, as well as the shop stewards of the United Faculty of Evergreen and the shop stewards of the Classified Staff, asked you to engage in collaborative bargaining with our unit.

At our unit meeting last week, we shared LRO’s response, on behalf of the administration, to our request to engage collaborative bargaining.  Our membership was disappointed that our reasonable request, based on values stated in our social contract, was denied. It is still our goal to engage in these negotiations collaboratively.

Through these negotiations and the presence of our union, we firmly believe the outcome of this process will benefit the students, staff, faculty, and the college as a whole. We invite you to collaborate with us to reach this vision.

Courtney Bailey, Jean Eberhardt, Leslie Johnson, Kelly Norman, Justin Reuter


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