TESC Student Support Services Staff Union bargaining update, 1/15/13

Bargaining with Evergreen’s management continued today after a well-deserved winter break. The bargaining team extends our best wishes to all Evergreen employees and WFSE personnel as they start the new year.

  • During negotiations today the bargaining team agreed to a Drug and Alcohol article that takes into consideration the recent passage of I-502.
  • After a three month wait, our team received a written compensation proposal from Evergreen’s management. Prior to today, the team had only received a verbal counter from Evergreen’s management. Our team is still deciding on future opportunities to share this information.
  • Discussions continued on Layoff and Procedures and Training and Professional Development
  • With the recent departure of Corey Lehnecker, we welcomed Reaz Mahmood to join the bargaining team. Reaz has been an involved member of our action team. We are excited and confident that Reaz will contribute to the team and bargaining unit in some significant ways.

Our next bargaining session is scheduled for January 29, 2013.


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