Transporation Policy Committee Minutes 11/2/13

Meeting called to order November 2, 2013 at 11:00 M

Roll call of officers:

Rodney Jarrells, Chair –absent; Sue Tellesbo, Co-Chair-present; Georgina Willner, Secretary- absent

Roll call of Delegates:  15

Kate Rogers took the minutes of the meeting

M/S/C Approval of June 8, 2013 meeting minutes

Matt Zuvich (LPA Staff) spoke to the Committee about DOT Memorial Foundations desire to include DOT in WAC 28 B 153.80.  This WAC allows children of fallen WSP Troopers to attend Community College free of charge.

Special order of business Elections:

Election committee: Spencer King, Dale Eaton, Edgar Heil.

  • Policy Chair Larry Flue by acclamation
  • Policy Co-Chair Sam Schneider by acclamation
  • Secretary Kate Rogers by acclamation

There are four E-Board Positions:

  1.   Larry Flue by acclamation
  2.   Robert Guerrero by acclamation
  3.   Kate Rogers by acclamation
  4.   Steve Fries by acclamation

Old Business:

Delegates asked Stacie Leanos if Sherri-Ann Burke could come into our meeting to report back regarding information requested from her last meeting; the Demand to Bargain over overtime rate and standby pay on a Holiday, CDL Physical reimbursement, and if the date for our Statewide UMCC has been set.

Stacie advised us she sent Sherri-Ann a text to come to our meeting she also told us that Labor Advocates now post reports on the WFSE website and read us the September post of our new Labor Advocate Lewis Woods, with information that a Demand to bargain over outsourcing of guardrail repair. Discussion followed.

New Business:

Resolution for WFSE support DOT Memorial Foundations efforts to have DOT included in WAC 28 B 153.80 by having our LPA lobby for this change. Moved by Larry Flue seconded by Dale Eaton, resolution passed.

Divisional caucus: Rick Henderson reported on South Central Region’s October 2013 regional UMCC, Questions about why non-perms are not being made permanent employees. Answer: The request to make the position permeate needs to come from the Superintendent when the position is vacant. We need to hold our Superintendents accountable if they are using non-perms in positions that can be permanent. Questions about the November first date for deciding if Seasonal Temps get health insurance. Thornton Alberg, Council 28 VP, dropped in and joined the discussion. Rick gave an example where a seasonal employee who has worked seven winters does not get health insurance and a seasonal employee who has worked two winters does get health insurance because he starts before November 1st. When questioned why, at the UMCC, Rick was told the November 1st date is in our HR manual. Thorton clarified that temporary employees do have some rights inside our contract; they can receive health insurance if they are expected to work for six months, and the length of expected employment is determined by the position description. North Central advised that their winter temps, work 4-5 months are eligible for Health insurance.

Sue Hendrickson Council 28 President came in and swore in the new officers and E-Board members.

Roberto asked if “callout” logs are being kept in other locations, if so how are they being used.  Kate Rogers advised NWR Area 2 Supervisors are on rotational standby and they fill out a call out book with the time they receive the request from dispatch who they called and what time, who is responding and what time, So far there has been no requests for this information after the fact. Discussion followed, Standby, callout, evaluations, it is a slippery slope.

Sherri-Ann arrived: The demand to Bargain on TLA is “hanging out there” still in the “High idea stage” of development; “WE” don’t want to bargain prematurely. Sue Tellesbo advised Sherri-Ann that the Transportation Policy Chair and Co-Chair have been left out of Statewide UMCC’s. Larry Flue advised that it is in our constitution that the Chair or Co-Chair determines the agenda and attending members at our Statewide UMCC’s.

CDL physicals and CDL license reimbursement was discussed. How federal changes to CDL physicals threaten member’s ability to remain employed inside the DOT.

Wellness programs and fit for duty was discussed.

Seeing a trend for members to pay for motels, travel and Training needed to obtain a Pesticide License, and then receive re-imbursement.  Discussion followed, you have the right to request advance per-diem and the Department can direct bill these costs.

Larry talked on changes in TEF’s motor pool changes proposed by legislator, what may pass this session and our need to Lobby. Discussion followed.

Lewis Woods our Labor advocate came and met the policy delegates. Time Leave Attendance meetings are being held quarterly, they have hired a company. Discussed that our numerous shifts and work operations, and how this can be an opportunity to correct our fluctuating Overtime rate. ( as requested in previous proposal)  Providing a consistent overtime rate (1 ½ times the hourly rate listed in out contract)  Lewis hear examples of where with the fluctuating rate member working side by side receive different compensation due to different shifts/ different scheduled hours of work inside the pay period.

Lewis was asked about the grievance over Callback being removed from members Skagit River Bridge collapse. He advised that LA’s do not see grievances until they reach reach the 3rd level and are supported by the Statewide grievance committee. This topic is scheduled for the next Statewide UMCC, possible dates Mid December early January. Lewis was advised that by our constitution our policy chair shall be involved in determining the agenda and members attending statewide UMCC’s.

People: $19.00

Meeting adjourned 1:45 pm

Submitted by Kathryn (Kate) Rogers


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