Union-made in the USA airplanes and cars go together

detroit-mattersWhile supporting union-made planes, let’s not forget union-made cars.

We’re fighting today to make sure that Boeing jetliners stay union-made in the USA. It’s vital to our local economy.

Similarly, Detroit needs us to stand up for union-made in the USA autos and trucks. You may have seen the excellent AFSCME video, “Stand with Detroit.” It documents the harm being done by the events surrounding that city’s bankruptcy. They, too, need to support their major manufacturing industry, the auto industry. See the video and sign a petition here: http://www.standwithdetroit.org/#home

To see a list of union-made in the USA cars, go to the United Auto Workers website at: http://www.uaw.org/cars

When using this guide when you’re shopping for a vehicle, check the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). A VIN beginning with a “1” or “4” or “5” identifies a US-made vehicle; a “2” identifies a Canadian-made vehicle. And, as the UAW cautions, not all vehicles made in the US or Canada are built by union-represented workers. Vehicles not listed on the UAW list, even if produced in the US or Canada, are not union made.

Let’s save Boeing union jobs in our state and let’s save the economy of Detroit that our AFSCME brothers and sisters depend on.


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