Urgent contract action alert sent to Community College members

Peninsula College members in Port Angeles doing their part for a strong contract and fair wages.

Peninsula College members in Port Angeles doing their part for a strong contract and fair wages.

The WFSE/AFSCME Community College Coalition Bargaining Team has sent a special alert after management last week presented an unacceptable compensation package.

The team sent the urgent update and call to action today (July 14) via e-mail, internet and social media:

In the latest round of negotiations July 10-11, your Community College Coalition Bargaining Team from 12 Community Colleges across the state spent long hours working hard to negotiate a strong contract for 2015-2017.

Over the two-day period your coalition team was able to tentatively agree (TA) to 32 articles of the contract.

We accepted NO takeaways and made some gains.

We are now down to our highest priority articles, including Compensation and Temporary Appointments (Part-Time Hourly Article).


Management gave us their compensation proposal, after delivering a feel-good speech.

Their initial compensation package was totally unacceptable and your team told them so.

We are holding our ground and spent many hours working on getting more of the articles ready to pass back to them, one being Compensation.

What you can do:

It’s time for all Community College Classified Staff to show how determined we are.

A strong contract matters. But we need your help!  We need all members to show how serious all Community College Classified Staff are about building a strong contract with a significant wage increase.

Together, we must be willing to show our strength by holding Contract Solidarity Events on all campuses, wearing your AFSCME Green shirts, attending Lunch ‘n Learns and simple Unity Breaks, spreading the word, and encouraging others to show their support for classified staff at our 12 Community College campuses.

This is the important work that together we must do because the quality of services for our students is directly affected by how Classified Staff are treated.

Your bargaining team members are available to attend events. We will gladly, happily and eagerly share what we can while staying in the bounds of our agreed-upon ground rules.

Are you ready to stand up for what was bargained for and agreed to in past negotiations that have been stripped away from us? It is SO SO SO time to stand up for a FAIR contract as good as our Community College Classified Staff!


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