UW Bargaining update 6/23/14


Your UW Bargaining Team met again Monday (June 23). Management presented  proposals on: Article 9 — Union Activities; Article 10 — Employee Rights; Article 23 — Corrective Action;  and Article 59 — Skilled Trades Stewards.

By and large more takeaways were presented.

Of particular concern is the language regarding stewards in Articles 9 and 59. It appears management might be trying to win at the table what they have lost in arbitration and create tighter walls around who may represent where and when.
We presented an MOU (memorandum of understanding) regarding the new state law granting unpaid days per year for reasons of faith and conscience.

The employer did provide a counter to the proposed MOU denying the two days as unpaid holidays. The union will consider it further.

(Thanks to UW Bargaining Team Communications Officer Joe Davenport for this update.)


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