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Joint SEIU-WFSE action.

Joint SEIU-WFSE action.

9/17: Wow what a day!  A huge thank you to the members who came to Condon Hall (and our supporters from other unions and the community!

Your action got their attention and earned special mention from the UW’s lead negotiator.

That said the employer seems to be stuck on stupid when it comes to raises.

For the first time they acknowledge  how little money comes from the state-but still stubbornly cling to what ever happens in Olympia as a basis for our pay.

Your team rejected their latest economic proposal today.  Last scheduled session is Tuesday September 23 we are long away apart, but still making headway.

9/15: The morning was spent waiting for what turned out to be a comprehensive non economic package.

After extended discussion  and a couple of short face to face sessions with the full management team we decided to accept the package almost as submitted.Â

We will start the day on the 17th with their response to our counter then we get right to the money issues.

Don’t forget to watch your mail for you ID and pin for voting!  Information meetings and in person voting are being scheduled.

Hope to see many of you here at Condon Hall between 11 & 1 Weds.Â

9/11: After months at the table management presented it’s initial compensation package at our 9-11 bargaining session.

After such a long wait, it was frustrating to say the least.  While we remain far apart on Cost of Living Adjustments (across the board raises), the University did at least acknowledge the plight of our lowest paid members.

While not as generous as what Western Washington did for their lowest paid workers,  and covering far fewer members than the team would like, it gives us a starting point.

Management also identified some job classes that are “below market” and proposed adjustments for those.  However the number of titles and number of impacted members were in single digits.

Management justified this IP based on the need to get the entire budget (including the contracts for all the union workers) past the legislature.  The team, and many of you have issues with that argument.

Late in the day a request came from management for a ‘side bar’ meeting between UW lead negotiator Peter Denis and VP of Labor Relations  Mindy Kornberg and our lead negotiator and in keeping with our policy Kelly Durand from the skilled trades was tasked as our representative at this meeting.

At this session Ms Dixon expressed our great frustration that so many non economic issues were refused by management without even a counter offer.  The upshot of this was an extended session and management presenting language on ‘Election of Remedies’ and ‘Domestic Violence Leave”.   Because some members of the team had left for appointments by that time we took no formal action on these proposals.

The team next bargains on Monday September 15, and we have a homework assignment to prepare for that.

Homework for everyone else is sign the petitions that are going around, wear your contract buttons.  AND watch your mail for the flyer with your user id and PIN for online voting (if it says WFSE on it SAVE IT!).  Also watch for stuff from the local with polling and education meeting places and times.  You will able to vote from your home computer, smart phone or at in person voting locations.


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