UW Police Management reaches tentative agreement

The Federation and the University of Washington on Wednesday (Sept. 5) signed a memorandum of understanding to roll over the current 2011-2013 UW Police Management contract for the two-year contract term starting July 1, 2013.

This is a small unit of 11. An onsite ratification vote is being scheduled on the terms of the MOU.

Under the MOU rolling over the current contract, they will meet at least quarterly in the first year to address and bargain wage issues based on market rates, recruitment and retention issues and/or wage compression issues. The union and UW will also meet at least quarterly to discuss development of a fitness incentive program.

The UW Police Management team is the first team bargaining under the 2002 collective bargaining law to reach tentative agreement for the 2013-2015 contracts. Medical Interpreters, who bargain under a different law, previously TA’d and last week ratified a new agreement.


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