Latest UW bargaining update: Management proposals insulting

uw60716k-webUW bargaining update 9/14/16

Management pushed an insult across the table with their initial compensation proposal.

How does 1% sound?   NOT each year the WHOLE thing.

They completely ignored the impact of wage compression caused by the $15.00 minimum wage.

They ignored the issue of people stuck at the top of the pay table for years (well they did float merit pay-which 925 is trying to get rid of and WFSE has never had a desire for).

They made a weak (but better than feared) proposal on skilled.

They ignored all of the lowest paid workers in both unions.

They ignored expanding float and hazard pay.

They ignored expanded shift differential.

They tried really hard to divide our teams along job class and union lines that fell flat.

The counters made on Joint Labor Management meetings and Corrective Action still include take away language.

So it’s time to turn up the heat!

Day of Action, Tuesday, Sept. 20

Time to turn up the heat! WFSE 1488 and SEIU 925 members will hit the streets on their lunch breaks (11 a.m.-1 p.m.) to send a strong message to management that we need a fair contract!

Join the action nearest you – UW Medical Center, Harborview, Gerberding Hall/Red Square, Sandpoint and UW Tower.

Contact your worksite leader, union steward or organizer for details about times and locations.

The UW Works Because We Do!

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  1. GO STRAIGHTH 3 .5 percent raise july 1 2017 and july 1 3.5 percent and 3.0 cola on jan 1 2019 to costing up all foods and housing all livings as 10 percent up. now not 6 percent i will not vote 6 percent.

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