Latest UW Bargaining Update Bulletin – 9/22/16 9:30 a.m.

uw-620-rallies-2UW Bargaining Update Bulletin – 9/22/16

Another after-midnight session by the joint teams. We are very pleased to announce agreement on Corrective Action/Dismissal. In a major win the employer agreed that formal counseling could be grieved to mediation — that puts a neutral set of eyes on the action and allows the union to monitor potential abuse of the program.

Our action Tuesday had some impact on the pay issues, but not nearly as much as we had hoped. Management is now offering 2% the first year (2017) and 1% the second year (2018). They continue to ignore most every other priority we set out.

It is also very clear that much of the movement is designed to split the two unions and some of the market raises seem to be designed to get 1488 members mad at each other.

For the record the chief negotiators and a small cadre of SEIU team members were still presenting and processing how we arrived at our costing figures versus the employer’s when the rest of us were sent home. We head back at 10:00 a.m. this morning (Thursday, Sept. 22).

Oh and we have more job actions in our back pocket. Stand by for that — flyers coming to a work place near you.