BULLETIN! We have a contract at UW! Sunday picket canceled

tim-iphone-92016a-webBULLETIN: Turning up the heat worked! We have a recommended contract at the UW!

Tentative agreement reached before 10 p.m., Friday, Sept. 23. From Chief Negotiator Jennifer Dixon:

• Across-the-board raises of 6% over two years, broken into three installments: 2%/2%/2%.

• Upgrades for trades and some of our lowest paid workers.

Sunday’s picket is CANCELED.

Stay tuned for more details. Ratification voting next week!

Congratulations to all the hard work of our University of Washington Bargaining Team and the thousands of UW Local 1488 members and allies who took action over many months in the fight for a fair contract.

More details and ratification information: http://wfse.org/ratification-uw/