Yesterday’s UW rallies hit home as bargaining resumes today

tim-iphone-92016a-webQuick UW Bargaining Update 9/21/16

Bargaining resumes later today after our UW Bargaining Team worked past midnight on counterproposals on major economic issues.

Thanks to the five simultaneous rallies with more than 1,000 participants, there was some movement at the bargaining table Tuesday.

Management came back with 1% for the second year of the agreement and market raises for a few groups.

The teams remain committed to fixing the broken pay system and addressing severe recruitment and retention issues.

The team got a boost from the buzz generated by the 1,000 who took part in the rallies — with many of those 1,000 briefly occupying the third floor of Gerberding Hall and the lobby of the UW Tower.

Stay tuned!

2 Comments on “Yesterday’s UW rallies hit home as bargaining resumes today

  1. 1% will not work for us! we left around 1 am this morning, I am one of the bargaining team member, please come out to show your
    support. We are sick of the their games. 1% is disrespectful to us, specially to the low income workers at UW/HMC.

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