UW/HMC Bargaining Update 9/7/12

The UW Bargaining Team on Sept. 5 reached tentative agreement on Article 19, Training and Development.  This creates Educational/Professional Leave for opportunities for Surgical Techs and Hospital Central Service Techs.  This creates up to three days paid leave and a fund paying up to $200 per FTE to help pay for the training. The days of paid Educational/Professional Leave and up to $200 per year, is for training and continuing education that the members may choose to attend.  Many of our hospital members hold a national certification despite the fact that UW doesn’t require it.  The paid leave and money will help them meet the continuing education requirements to maintain their certifications.  They are currently paying out of their own pocket and using annual leave to maintain their certifications.

  • The team also TA’d a Preceptor pay premium of $1.00 per hour for Surgical Techs assigned to and serving as the Preceptor.
  • The union team also made progress on Article 41 Wages and Other Pay Provisions in the area of assignment pay.

At the next session (Sept. 11) the UW team will return to the issue of a new classification system for hospital custodians.  Major progress was made on this issue as well.

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