In order to have a community where everyone can feel at ease and comfortable, the following Code of Conduct applies to each forum..

The Golden Rule:  “Post unto others, as you would have them post unto you”…  In other words, think about what you are saying and what you have typed before hitting the Enter Key. Please be respectful of your fellow members!

Code of Conduct

  • Flaming or harassing or threatening another member is not allowed nor will it be tolerated.
  • Profanity is not permitted, everybody slips once in a while…  The occasional “hell”, “damn”, “ass” etc… are fine, just not every other word of each post.
  • Spamming and cross forum posting are not allowed.
  • Posting of links to pornographic sites is not permitted. Posting of pornographic or overtly sexual images is not acceptable.
  • Screen names, avatars, links of an offensive or suggestive nature will not be tolerated and may be removed at Administrators discretion.
  • Posting of personal information (i.e., phone numbers, addresses, employment) within topics is not allowed.
  • Conversations evolve, but as much as possible, please stay on topic to start a new topic.

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