WSU members “feeling stronger than ever” after major show of support

wsu-81716aA big show of support as Washington State University Local 1066 members joined a delegation of Federation members from around the state. Dozens of members stood up Wednesday (Aug. 17) for a World Class Contract at a university that proclaims it’s dedicated to World Class Values.

The delegation urged WSU to invest in the working people who make the university run. They sent a message to the WSU management and brought lunch to their co-workers on our WSU Bargaining Team.

The Federation’s Internal Organizing Committee, which committed to represent all Federation members at the WSU event. They reported:

“It was an amazing feeling when management had to walk the hallway with determined union members in AFSCME green lined up on either side. Our members at WSU are feeling stronger than ever.”

The WSU Bargaining Team goes back to the table Aug. 31 & Sept. 1

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