WSU members to vote on wage re-opener package

wsubt60712aWashington State University members will vote on a new offer from management covering a wage re-opener in the current, 2013-2015 WSU contract.

At the latest session Thursday (June 5), the team negotiating the wage re-opener received from management the offer of a 4 percent lump-sum payment with something new added: a University Leave Day in 2015.

This came after the Federation team discussed the information that the membership had rejected the previous management proposal for settlement.

They articulated their concerns that other four-year institutions had stepped up to the plate and granted compensation packages for their employees from existing funds — but WSU has not added to employees’ base compensation since before 2007 except for the Step L and Step M, which were statewide-mandated increases.

The team put forward several counter proposals following an initial proposal from WSU that reaffirmed the 4 percent lump sum and added a paid University Leave Day in the year 2015 that can be used at any time upon request and supervisor approval. That would be used in conjunction with holidays to ensure eligibility for holiday pay (being in paid status the day preceding a holiday).

The team eventually agreed to send the proposal out to a vote of the members. That vote on the 4 percent lump sum and University Leave Day will take place in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.


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